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    I was a hair designer by trade but always kept my hands pardon the pun in the arts

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  1. Dahnna


    Sorry to intrude I am using the same tablet and the pen works fine with PDN As far as the pressure sensitivity and smudging I seem to have minor problems there as sometimes the plugin stops working I did follow all the training and the setup cd there was only 1
  2. I think they both need less contrast possibly using the grayscale and fading the gradient on the bottom would make it more pleasing to the eye Here is something I did from a tutorial using withers dodge tool effect awesome effect by the way and 2 photos the landscape and buildings I also used custom planet brushes from DA and the saturn brush is my own
  3. i followed but in merging the layers some of the steps were not as they appeared when rendered but here it is
  4. Great job and I like the retired sig and the one below it
  5. Dahnna


    peel a light bulb coloring level tut followed in PS and done in PDN celebrity as an alien hand drawn using tablet custom brushes clouds and drawn birds photo recolored using custom brushes a bubble created a custom brush out of it also
  6. Love the demon well done, the pansies are quite good I love the painting and detail in both Very inspiring as I have been away from painting this site has given me back the inspiration to Pick it up again thanks all
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