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  1. I don't really want to get into this, but why does every mention post count when you guys have like the most posts for non moderators.
  2. I loved your old border, now there is a new one.
  3. 1) Crimson 2) CommanderSozo 3) Kemaru 4) R3V3NGE 5) Pipp92 6) Hyrule 7) K_I_N_G 8) Helio 9) cazaron 10) petewolfbane 11) Wolverine 12) ShK_828 13) Doctor 14) Survulus 15) jake2k 16) Stephan
  4. I have been busy lately with computer things, just a question do the "Bye's" mean we lost or didn't submit? Because I submitted an entry so I don't know if I lost or got disqualified?
  5. Question...Do we have to make a new sig each new round? If so, I cannot do this my computer has just broken and I have sent it the "Geek Squad", as you can see it is near the holidays and the Geek Squad is very busy with other computers that have been there before I sent mine in. If I do go onto the next round I might not be able to participate in this one since they have to build a new running system and that will delete everything on my computer clean, Plugins and Paint.NET itself. At the moment I am on a very slow computer and am trying to convert my disks of saved data over to it so I might not have another entrie in time or I might. But this will only apply if we need a new sig each round. Thanks for time, KonArtist P.S. Everyone good luck in this compitetion and hopefully you will win.
  6. I don't know if anyone said this one yet, When Chuck Norris went to the Virgin Islands he left and they were just the islands.
  7. xX 8 Balll Yes that is 3 L's in "Ball".
  8. Mostly play Call of Duty: World at War, with some exceptions of Halo 3, getting Gears of War 2 soon. Add me XBL(Xbox Live) my GT is xX 8 Balll, yes that is with 3 L's.
  9. True, but there is a way to do this Ctrl+Shift+F, Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C, Undo up to the spot before you flattened, New Layer, and Ctrl+V(Paste). That is if you didn't already know how to do that.
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