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  1. I don't really want to get into this, but why does every mention post count when you guys have like the most posts for non moderators.
  2. I loved your old border, now there is a new one.
  3. 1) Crimson 2) CommanderSozo 3) Kemaru 4) R3V3NGE 5) Pipp92 6) Hyrule 7) K_I_N_G 8) Helio 9) cazaron 10) petewolfbane 11) Wolverine 12) ShK_828 13) Doctor 14) Survulus 15) jake2k 16) Stephan
  4. I have been busy lately with computer things, just a question do the "Bye's" mean we lost or didn't submit? Because I submitted an entry so I don't know if I lost or got disqualified?
  5. Question...Do we have to make a new sig each new round? If so, I cannot do this my computer has just broken and I have sent it the "Geek Squad", as you can see it is near the holidays and the Geek Squad is very busy with other computers that have been there before I sent mine in. If I do go onto the next round I might not be able to participate in this one since they have to build a new running system and that will delete everything on my computer clean, Plugins and Paint.NET itself. At the moment I am on a very slow computer and am trying to convert my disks of saved data over to it so I might not have another entrie in time or I might. But this will only apply if we need a new sig each round. Thanks for time, KonArtist P.S. Everyone good luck in this compitetion and hopefully you will win.
  6. I don't know if anyone said this one yet, When Chuck Norris went to the Virgin Islands he left and they were just the islands.
  7. xX 8 Balll Yes that is 3 L's in "Ball".
  8. Mostly play Call of Duty: World at War, with some exceptions of Halo 3, getting Gears of War 2 soon. Add me XBL(Xbox Live) my GT is xX 8 Balll, yes that is with 3 L's.
  9. True, but there is a way to do this Ctrl+Shift+F, Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C, Undo up to the spot before you flattened, New Layer, and Ctrl+V(Paste). That is if you didn't already know how to do that.
  10. I have been working on mine, I haven't really been reading to rest of the pots in this thread, but just to get it straight do we PM our entire to someone or post it?
  11. Hmm...Sounds fun haven't made a sig in like 2 months, nor have made any art due to school work. I'm in.
  12. Yeah I did the transparent gradient thing first, but than since Reflection was made into a plugin I thought that might be better. Also the glare is strong is because when I used Curves Luminosity it changed the original gradient, but not that part. I will try and fix that later.
  13. Well thanks to school haven't made anything in awhile. I tried to copy a PS tutorial, I don't think I did too good. Pencil: Some :AntiAliasingOff: here and there I am trying to fix that.
  14. As Simon said there is Javascript, PHP, and even GIF, you might not want to use GIF since it is a low quality image. Here is another image rotation link, also PHP is an easier than Javascript to learn. http://www.marcofolio.net/webdesign/php_random_image_rotation.html Have fun!
  15. Thanks I think I found out a way to make a box in Paint.NET.
  16. xX 8 Balll I don't get on much anymore since my 360 keeps saying "To Play this Disc put it in a Xbox 360 Console" still trying to fix it.
  17. Is there a way have a grid on Paint.NET, not the one at the top when you are zoomed in, I mean one where you can see where you are drawing lines? Thank you, KonArtist
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