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  1. Here's my attempt, using the additional steps / merging Burngirl added in her post.
  2. Thanks, Welshblue, Aislin and Barbieq!
  3. Thought I'd give it another try!
  4. Okay, my attempt: (girlish style ) Thanks, pyrochild!!
  5. Thanks, Barbieq25 *blush*
  6. Barbieq25, I really, really enjoyed going through your tutorial! Though my 'puter needed to blow off some steam... Here's my result: I learned quite some new stuff while working. Thanks!
  7. Thanks a lot, Sarkut and pyrochild!!! I'll go and play around with the plugins and tutorial you suggest.
  8. Hi all! Loooong time ago, when I first started working with PDN, I did a tutorial from this forum creating this: Today I've been browsing and searching the Tutorial forum to find it again, but it seems like it's gone...??? Thought is was "phoenix on fire". Found a link to it, but it wasn't working... I'd love to know how I did it, for I'd like to use the effects in another creation. I tried, and it's more than just circles and dents... Anybody can help? Thanks a lot in advance!! Djeebie
  9. Hey Marken, I really love this one! Here's my first attempt, but I will be playing some more cause they're fun! (I used the "realistic eyes" tut from Ash to create the eyes.)
  10. Phew...!!! :o Took me quite some time, but here's my orb (100% pdn): this has been real good practice for me! thanks for the tut!
  11. I got this one, using the moire plugin: I like it. Reminds me of those colored "church-window-glass-thingies" (it's 'glas-in-lood' in dutch, but I don't know what it's called in english, :? sorry!)
  12. @ Zizoiz: thanks! (I know the design looks complex, but I wanted to experiment with the possibilities of layers.) @ KonArtist: wow! The edge seems to be on fire. It has some beautiful details! Don't think it's 'rusty' at all. (But, ey, I'm still a noob...)
  13. I think your work is great, Oma, I like your style! Especially the "Enchanted Polar Inversion" and your "Fairy-work" on page 7 :shock: Super! You got me inspired!
  14. there goes another planet: BANG!!! (well, at least, sort of...)
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