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  1. Welcome back pyro people are still folowing your tutorial as usual =]
  2. this forum is'nt jumbled up on my palm centro :wink: im working my way to 250 :twisted:
  3. rant: ive had comcast here for the past 5 weeks once every week cause they suck that bad
  4. 10/10 love the theme of planets and idk how you make those which makes it better the highest rating in pdn 99/10
  5. dogs i have 3 of them Lab or poodle or labordoodle its an actual breed
  6. does any one have a 360 with live and call of duty 4?
  7. ^ Wonder's if he play's cod 4 on 360 live < Want's to play cod 4 with some people i know on pdn V Should play with me
  8. ^ Is gonna join the FlairLair hopefully=/ V Please join my site.
  9. ahhhh i just twisted my ankle da** you skateboard =/ My site need's one more moderator and were good to go
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