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I have quite a few pieces in this gallery so this index is not the all inclusive list. It is an index of the main ones where I learned new techniques or tried new styles. Or ones I just particularly like and enjoy looking at. Note: in the banner above many of those are older pictures from prev. pictorium. Larger versions of most of them are on my DA.

If you see something in the index below that looks interesting to you I encourage you to view the actual page to see the full size versions. There are many small details not captured in the thumbs. In many cases I've tried to include work in progress shots. Also there are many little tidbits on how I've done things a certain way or how I'd do it in an easier manner the next time around on similar pictures.

Over the time I've been here I've done 100's of pictures. You will find some of my better ones over on my Deviant Art Gallery (the link is in my sig) . When I have time I plan to add a section to this index of Oldies but Goodies. That I hope to change once a month, digging back into my store of early OMA Paint.Net art. There are a few there that will give some of you a real giggle over, and some just pure blind begginers luck that I'm still trying to figure out how I did them.

So for now if you have time pour yourself a cup of java, pull up a chair and flip thru the pages of this gallery. Let me know what you think, be honest but be kind, remember I only started learning to draw in Jan 2007. If you have questions ask, I'll try to answer. Older pictures I may not remember so well exactly what I did, but ask anyways you never know, my trash bin is always full of old photo screen shots, and they may help you out.

using this index clik the show button to see the thumbs.

then just reclick the hide button again to close the window


hope you enjoy


This is my favourite type of artwork. I love it so much because I am able to express in color feelings and emotions.

Hidden Content:

Hidden Content:


This is another thing that intrigues me the ability to draw facial features with a more realistic feel. I'm still working on likeness and coloration but can see my accuracy at facial structure improving.

Hidden Content:


Hidden Content:


Hidden Content:


Hidden Content:


Hidden Content:


Hidden Content:


Hidden Content:


I don't do many tuts, but have posted these ones in our tutorial section of the forum.

Hidden Content:

my work I classify as 100% Paint.Net and if its not 100% Paint.Net and there is an outside scanned picture it will be something I've hand drawen in my sketch pad. It would be very very rare for me to use renders. I just like the work to be mine. The good and the bad. Speaking of bad take a look at the next section. I think you might really enjoy some of these.



have a good laugh at an assortment of bad ones I dug out of my trashbin

Hidden Content:

ciao OMA

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thanks Ben it was your pictures in DA that gave me the idea and inspiration.

very first item for the new gallery

"when you dream in PDN"

"Once upon a time in a land so far away ..."



these close ups were work in progress shots.

a close up of the book is on my Deviant art page here's the link http://omagrandmother.deviantart.com/ar ... k-80623418

a close up of the floating island is on my Deviant art page here's the link http://omagrandmother.deviantart.com/ar ... e-80623642

several people have asked about the book so I will try to reconstruct it. its only covering the basics as I never jotted down all the steps I did as I went along.

the depth in the book was from all the different shadow layers. and the end glow was mostly photo and curves, and some local contrast enhancements.

as I had 3 pdn's going at the same time for just the book its really hard to explain.

add that to I'm about the worst tutorial writer there is and well.

I'm taking out this mini tut try to clean it up a bit and will post later. further down in my gallery sorry. :lol::lol:

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so those were my first pictures in the new gallery. hope you enjoyed them.

first love was and will always be abstract.




I have this one full size in my deviant art gallery

black layer two dark shade gradiant layers dark golds next rosace layer gold/mustard shade form rosace to egg shape next layer black band across middle gold band on top bit smaller red writing 3d sphere interlock ring thru holes in rosace

lots of curves then releif couple of times loads of errode randome/ and squares few triangle layers as well. more curves etc etc.

from discussion in abstract forum

"what is an abstract"

For me its generally an emotion expressed as a solid thing. IE: my picture light having a voice. we all know light doesn't speak so what conveys that in a picture. light is bright so yellow, has a voice so the red for the tongue, I'm thinking it should be a sharp sound and hard so the little solid boxes, it would need a mouth so round edges.

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Very good job - on everything!

The underwater scene is my favorite, the depth of the ocean is great, and the animals are really good too.

I also like the abstract - great use of the edge detect tool (or embossed -- whatever you used, it works well)

And what about the "Once upon a time in a land so far away ..."? Is it really all PDN? I think it's really good. You did a nice job with the over all background, the thought bubble is unique and creative, and you did a great job with the island. I mean - it really looks like an island in the clouds. I also like how you put perspective to the book - it makes it look more realistic.

Really good gallery overall, and I hope you keep up the great work!

"pyrochild, you're my favorite person ever. We should go snowboarding some time."~ 007 Nab. Ish.

PDN Gallery | I Made a Deviant Art!

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yes all 100% paint.net.

give me a bit I'm planning to put up some screen shots on that book in the making, I kept the pdn. I'm still trying to organize my gallery.

thanks for looking and commenting also try to go over to my DA sometime (link in my sig) have a look around there's work there that I never showed in the pictorium.

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Mods if this isn't ok to put here just let me know it can be moved or deleted

so from probably one of the worst tut writers here is basics of the book.

several people have asked about the book (PM's, on DA and an email) so here is a real quick mini tut. its only covering the basics of getting a similar type book. No doubt using 3d by MKT you can do much the same, but this is how I did it without the plug in. This was never intended to be a tut as I didn't jot anything down as I went along. So for this I had to pull some shots from mockups, and some from my trash bin.......

The main questions I get asked is about how did I make it look so 3d and about how it looks so dreamy.

The depth in the book was from all the different shadow layers, and the end glow was mostly photo and curves, and some local contrast enhancements. Please do no ask me what settings I used for the dreamyness as I did 5 steps forward 10 back , 2 forward 3back etc etc. working on three different pdns for the book changing as I went along, until I was pleased.

One thing you should note is you should take great care on where your light source is, it should be same direction as the picture in the book. all light was from the upper left corner, so all shadows fell to the right and down when doing the pages in the book.

So from my trash bin, some partials pdn files and a few screen shots I'll try to reconstruct the basic book. I did have to put in some mock up pictures as the book was three pdns going at the same time. I tend to move back and forth between all three at the same time. so I had to try and write this as A) the cover B) the pages C) the picture

sure hope you can follow along.

A the cover. PDN #1

1) you need a big canvas size to accomadate the tilt. I used 1500 x 780 draw a rec 800 x 416 gradiant on this rectangle a leather color.

2) I knew the picture and pages were going in on the right so the left side was going to be a bit bare. I knew I needed something for the dream bubble to come out of so I did a rosace (separate layer) to cover that section.

3) the band is one of those things that came about after I was almost done. I undid undid and undid part of my 10 steps forward 5 back thing. for ease you should add it in now do it on a transparent layer

if you like how this all looks go ahead

4) flatten


5) now use layers to tilt it back. the only setting changes are 90 under twist angle and 30 under twist radius. make a note this is same tilt everytime.

6) the book looks pretty slim so on yet another transparent layer I drew a line in just a slightly darker color than the book cover along the entire bottom edge and added a small dot along the bottom where the spine of the book is if its looking correct thickness go ahead and merge only the line and dot to the book cover


7) time to drop shadow. make a duplicate layer the drop shadow is done twice on the bottom of the two layers.

sorry I had to mock up this picture for you as I didn't keep a copy of the original untouched.


B the pages PDN #2

1) use same size canvas 1500 x 780 placement about where on the screen the right side of the book is.

2) make a page don't go too light and not too close to the cover color. this should be one half the book less a little bit

3) add a transparent layer do a varicose plugin wide strips


4) wand one of the strips move the selection to the edge of your paper

5) then go back down to the actual layer of your paper

and cut away,

this bit is tricky as you have to for each side of the paper cut off do selection on varicose layer move selection and then come down to paper to actually cut. I deleted the varicose layer at this point as I didn't need it any longer.

5) do a small drop shadow on the page layer.

6) duplicate that layer of paper move your selections so the page show just a bit along the outside edge add a few pages this way

so it should look something like this now.


7) flatten the pages together.

8) duplicate the flattened layer

9) tilt one layer back 90 under twist angle.

10 and drop shadow


11) leave the other layer as is. not tilted not drop shadowed this will be needed for along the bottom edge

12) on the un tilted layer move it 90 degree angle and down a few pixels so that you can see a stack of pages along the bottom


13) get rid of the excess using eraser on the untilted layer.


C the picture layer PDN#3

1) picture should be same size as the pages. same place on screen as the pages . Optional was the page curl . I thought that was an extra that gave even more depth. there is a tut in the tutorial section for that already. I modified that tut. Made my curl smaller so it didn't cut so much of my picture out.

2) a drop shadow under the picture. (optional)

3) text as ususal do it on a transparent layer so it can be moved around and changed. it was outlined several times.

I did aa on my text in this picture but the close up shot in my first post was taken prior to that step

4) added on yet another layer a band of x down the centre with a drop shadow to be the binding.

5) if you are please with it merge

6) tilt same settings 90 under twist angle

7) drop shadow.


now its just paste the one on top of the other each in a separate layer in case you have to move them around a bit. cover on the bottom layer , then the pages on next layer and then picture. if the placement is good merge together

now go ahead and use photo or glow or darken with curves, this is your book

so this was just a quick mini tut. thanks for thaking the time to read it sorry I didn't take any more screen shots as I went along.


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Hi Oma,

Dropping by :D , I forgot to tell you about "when light has a voice" besides the shine and the gold I also love the contrast with the dark background that gives the image more depth a sort of "chiaroscuro" like in Caravaggio's paintings (I absolutely love Caravaggio and his darks and lights think is amongst the greater painters ever.. no I am lying, I think he is the greatest...)

And I love the fairy tale drawings! (think if I were good in free-hand drawing like you are that would be my favourite kind of artistic expression, I love those drawings especially the dark gothic ones full of dragons castles, etc...but, back to reality I am still struggling to draw a decent Red Riding Hood in a woods image I've made :lol:

Looking forward to see more and more of your excellent artworks!

ciao ciao

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100% paint.net

I do not own a tablet.

Evil in the Night II


Larger size on DA

No doubt there are small errors in this picture and it comes no where near the quality of the inspiration piece. This was inspired by a question asked on the PDN forum about being able to draw a Drew Struzan Type of picture

based on the picture of Indiana Jones and the Kindom of the Crystal skull.

Inspiration here .I am exceptionally proud of it. I only started drawing in Jan of 2007 and could only do stick men back then. This shows I've come a long way.

It is not my usual style, dark evil doesn't appeal to me, but as a challenge piece its was a good choice.

Here are a few shots of work in progress on Indiana Jones.


enjoy if you have a chance please have a look thru my gallery on DA.

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thanks @The_Lionhearted I'm already thinking of how I can improve this one. I think the drawing part is finished as far as I am capable of drawing at this point. I need to learn some photo editing skills now. That is something I've not done too much of.

And of course there is the dreaded text, and some sort of hieroglyphs on the orginal to complete yet.

so skull three will be in the pipes.

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my all time favourite effect has to be polar inversion. but its not just push the button once and have a picture. multiple polars, inside outs and a host of other tricks and turns, blends and merges.

this is my POLAR GALLERY

a new one

"polar pretty"


I'll be adding here as I go along. I will dig out a few oldies I still really like and place the thumbs here shortly..

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just an interesting picture some play time

"Just how deep of a hole did you dig yourself now?"


That's really cool, Oma ...let me get a closer look, hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ( screaming slowly fading out as she reaches the bottom of the pit ): :) Now seriously I just can figure you've used shape 3d and texture is similar to wood planking and that does not match with any Pdn effect I know so I suppose you made the texture and that's all I could sort out :D

Ciao ciao

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