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thanks I'm still working on learning to draw. I did get a great book from chapters called Drawing the Head and Figure by Jack Hamm. it really helped me learn proper proportions. I saw a big improvement after that.

on this picture I've still a lot of shading to do. have to work the head portion into the neck yet using shadows etc. Doing the face is the hardest and longest part for me.

but will plug away a little bit each day.

thanks for stoping by and looking.

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I'll keep an eye on the the ballerina from time to time to see progress of her face, I like the costume, the pose and the colors (B.T.W.: I thought you'd have used that white soft texture you made to make her tutu)

off-topic: I saw your tip on general discussion & questions abt making grass and did good use of it! Again thks for all the good work and help you give! :)


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thanks topezia,

in the mean time here is a little preview work I'll share with you all.

A frame can be so much more than a border around a picture.

basic frame which I've shared on my DA see this thread in PDN for the link page 2 viewtopic.php?f=12&t=23723

here is what the frame looks like I shared


1) polar to rect settings 0 and 200

I then doubled the canvas size to twice the width duplicated layer and aligned on layer to the right and other to the left and merged.

2) multiwrap 420 1.0 reflect

I'm going to try and work these into the balcony behind my ballerina, if I can get the settings correct.


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finished ballerina

100% my own work

its 90% Paint.Net . The ballerina I drew myself on paper with pencil, and scanned into the Paint.Net program. Considering I drew stick people just over a year ago I think she's pretty nice.

The brush (twinkle stars) in the background is one I made myself. It can be found for a short time in the share your custom brushes thread. I also used the brush for her little crown, and the floor.

if you scroll up the page you will see the work in progress shots.

edit: had to fix the eyelids. she really wasn't looking at a decapatited pig off stage. Blooper that ones for you.....LOL!



click here ===>LARGER VERSION ON DA <=== click here

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hey Lionhearted thanks. I know its not a subject most of the young boys find fascinating " a ballerina" oh that's just lame I'm sure most of them think . But the difficulty factor was extremely high on this one for me and its the challenge that was big deal to me. Doing people in realistic poses is not easy, to get color of skin correct isn't easy, and have a passable background isn't easy. On my own personal scale of difficulty I rate this one right up there near the top of all the work I've ever done.

so thanks for the vote of confidence and your nice words.


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I hope you can still edit the text of the pic Oma - should be "May your heart always be filled with hope."

"you're" refers to "you" and "are"

Really cool job though, my fave part of the pic is the top left two corners and central circle thing -- looks very cool

EDIT: here you go, I fixed it :P


"pyrochild, you're my favorite person ever. We should go snowboarding some time."~ 007 Nab. Ish.

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:oops: @007 Nab a million thanks for fixing that for me. My spelling is not my strong point.

edit the two corners are text and I did use ASH tut on simple 3d metal using dropshadow.

The centre round area around the hole in the tag is supposed to be one of those fancy metal grommets, they use in scrapbooking. I used the rosaces plugin, with an assortment of other effects.


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thanks Janettsue I'm looking at it now and thinking I can do much better. So I'll be redoing and making a few revisions to match it in better to the digital scrapbook page. it need more embellishments. many more I'm thinking lace and ribbons and a few charms. :wink: Will have to see what I can come up with. Realistic things are just not my best projects, I end up doing them and redoing them, and end up being seldom satisfied. :lol:

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I really like it! it looks like gems...

I think you could make into some sort of royal room, because to me it looks sort of like the entire piece is covered in gems and gold :D


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