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  1. Nice work. Can you also show how to make your signature. It is pretty nice.
  2. Added the forum and official Moderator Applications.
  3. Electric Edit Graphic Editing Team. What is a graphic editing team? It's a nice community where we can all talk and do some side projects. What is a side project? Say if a game that we play need's a new banner Electric Edit's team would help them completely out. Why should we join? We can teach you how to animate amazingly More tutorials. And if your noob on paint.net we will help you dearly. Information Site: Electricedit.forumotion.com Members: 1 So far. Moderator Openings?: Yes we do have openings for moderators on the forum! Want to be a moderator on the site? Post your application here. 1. What's your name 2. Age? 3. Experience with moderating and Paint.net 4. Why you think you should be a moderator than everyone else,
  4. Ive been playing pokemon for a while now... Who play's pokemon here. And i posted here because there is no where else to post it.
  5. Welcome back pyro people are still folowing your tutorial as usual =]
  6. chocolate banana on a stick i have that all the time i want some. now!
  7. I love pokemon my favorite pokemon is jirachi
  8. i would go again but that would be break the rules :wink: some one heal jones and kill coca cola
  9. this forum is'nt jumbled up on my palm centro :wink: im working my way to 250 :twisted:
  10. I searched the paint.net search thing and i found nothing with You tube threads. What do we do on this thread? This thread you will post your youtube accounts. What does this do for us? You can show off some of your talent. Youtube.com/skatecrew13 Sorry ahead of time if this thread has been made before.
  11. rant: ive had comcast here for the past 5 weeks once every week cause they suck that bad
  12. 10/10 love the theme of planets and idk how you make those which makes it better the highest rating in pdn 99/10
  13. dogs i have 3 of them Lab or poodle or labordoodle its an actual breed
  14. Go to control panel classic view then click fonts drag and drop into and restart paint.net welcome to the forums :wink: Not trying to advertise either but at FlairLair [in my sig] their are some nice tutorials with fonts.
  15. does any one have a 360 with live and call of duty 4?
  16. ^ Wonder's if he play's cod 4 on 360 live < Want's to play cod 4 with some people i know on pdn V Should play with me
  17. ^ Is gonna join the FlairLair hopefully=/ V Please join my site.
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