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sorry for double post but wanted to get my thanks yous done before I head for bed. :wink:

@0(-.-)0 thanks you. glad you stop by my gallery and left a message. Means a lot to me. by the way your logn name is toooooo hard to type. :lol:

@Bjarni thanks you two shock eyes wow!

@Welsh three shock eyes wow! thanks for coming by. hope you like the improvements I've done.

@Helen glad you like this one. Taping into my inner Rembrandt. :lol: 8 shock eyes WOW! you must like this one. :lol: saw your comment that was so sweet. thanks you.

@Barbie thanks you....trust you to remember me comment about the hoof :lol: can't slip anything past you. :lol:

@Frontcannon how very nice you are. There are a few little flaws but I'm addressing them now. Even an odd perspecitive flaw . In this type of drawing I like to do much the same way I would do a color pencil drawing on paper.

I also think it gives more realistic look especially on animals. Shape 3d on drawing animals and people tends to give them just a tiny bit less texture. I think that's just the nature of the plugin.

I'd certainly not mind if this one made it to the galleria as its a very ambitious piece, perhaps after I finish the minor changes not as it stands right now.

@Briamoth ahhhhh you are making me blush but thanks you for nice words.

@Sokagirl thanks you sweety. Almost done. just some clean up work now on edges and then some background trees and such. not too much detail in them as they will be fairly blurred for perspective.

ciao OMA

will post update tomorrow.

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someone on DA advised me I'd not done the antlers for stray pixels. I really did do them but see I've added the incorect upload. so I'll have to swap that out later today with the final I have on pg 77. ?? too many pdn files going I guess.

@ Soaka girl thanks you, yes deers are so sweet. just as you are. It would be nice to have it in the Galleria, especially since its such an improvement on the last one I drew. :lol: that one was like a wild dog in drag.

@Helen, now being given such a high grade does wonders for my ego. :lol: as if my head isnt' swollen enough. But to be recognized by someone that has such great drawing skills I am honored. As you are aware most of what I draw I am self taught at so its very satisfying to have others acknowledge the hard work I put into learning about drawing is starting to pay off. thanks again my wonderful friend.

@Gigabyte why thanks you. Yes Deer and Bucks are one of God's most beautiful creatures, I couldn't agree with you more.

@Chad oh way to go Clhad, now I'm on the spot :lol: I'm just hoping now all the next images are not total flops or 2010 will be my year to crash. :lol: Thanks for being their buddy, your support in my gallery really helps me tackle those hard images.

@EscapistAngel Thanks you. I certainly hope this is a great 2010 for art on the forum. I've not only seen improvement in my own art but the forum as a whole seems to have stepped up a pace on fine pieces. That really makes it a real pleasure to be a part of this artistic community.

@Goonfella thanks you Sir, I do feel this one is a breakthru piece for me. I had been having the hardest time getting smoother looking short fur. I could get the long fur but short just seemed so blotchy and patchy before. I explored really outside the box on this one and it paid off. Thanks for your continued support it realy means a lot.

ciao OMA

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:shock: :shock: :D:D WOW! The completed version is just spot on, Oma. You've really outdone yourself. The antlers are so velvety. The background is just perfect for this gorgeous guy. Well done! (There should be a smilie for a bunch of flowers here!)


Knowledge is no burden to carry.


April Jones, 2012

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Thanks you Barbieq I'm glad to finish this one. just have to reload the proper version now and all complete

0(-.-)0 Oh you have a hard name for me to type. My poor old fingers are just about going crosswise :lol:

thanks you so much. And if your brother thought it was a photo I'm thrilled then I managed to get it looking proper. Yes I think it was a successful personal test. lets hope the next images I do are near as good.

ciao OMA

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Last Fall I picked up a book at the library. "Myth and Magic The Art of John Howe" I'll give you all the ISBN # so you can ask at the library. It is a truly awesome book. Should be a must read if you like fantasy art. The colored illustrations alone are worth the trip to the library. ISBN 0 00 710795 1

My second picture goal for this year was to do something influenced by that book. There is no way on earth I will ever come close but I loved the way John does clouds and the little images within images. So that's the goal. Something fantasy.

Now if any one doesn't know who John Howe is here is a link to wikipedia.


Start of new picture. Should be a good month till completion. :lol:




wip7 26195 wip8 26320

EDIT Jan 16 2010 well I certainly did not like the direction that grass and boulders were heading.

redone newer grass area still much work to do but this looks more the way I intended it to go. The mountians are looking nice and frosty. I like the way they look



now some fancy figuring out required next step.

ciao OMA

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Oma, I really don't know what to say. It's stunning already. I would imagine a unicorn in this beautiful scenery.....wait......what if you add your horse the one you did before, turn it white, and add one horn? You'll get one magical image. Just an idea, though. I know you'll come up with something wonderfuller. I can't wait to see the finished product! :shock:

Don't spit into the well, you might drink from it later. -----Yiddish Proverb

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:lol: @AFG I wondered if anyone would get the ref. to 12 points


ciao OMA

I remember when i first saw the original WIP thinking to myself ' the tones fit perfectly with a buck/stag of maybe 2/3 winters but he is carrying a Royal rack' then chuckling to myself thinking ' of course, we had the Princess, now we have the Royal stag and AFG your basing the tones on the Scottish Red Deer'

Cant wait to see where the latest work goes 'Myth and Magic' :)

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Whats a WIP?

P.S. Myth and Magic is already better then I could do by far. Now I'm just wondering what else is left for you to do in it. Also, just wondering, will there be anymore depth to it? As in, will there be other trees/rocks/landscape in the distance? Just curious.


- Any thoughts? -

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@Helen yes a unicorn would be lovely in this ....but its not on my list for this image. :lol: I'll be working away in the background on some other little bits and pieces. (separate pdn's) that will end up in this image.

@AFG I actually looked for a good image of the Scottish Red Deer but couldn't find anything big enough for my eyes to really focus on. So I did 1/2 white tail deer and the semi colors of the red deer. It was the rack that took me forever to find in an image. I'm sure the ladies at the library thought I'd gone daft with having them bring in all the past volumn of the Field and Stream magazine. I knew I'd seen one buck with the perfect pose previously.

@Barbieq yes I get inspiration from all around me. often books and art shows really get my creative juices going. Quite often songs will really hit a cord. Especially if I'm home alone and just rocking and singing at the top of my off tune little squeaky voice.

@Chad hope its going to turn out. Would be a real bad thing to name it an inspiration of John Howe art and I don't do the man's genuis justice. I knew he was involved in The Lord of the Rings cinematic production, but all the book covers Wow! I hadn't realized he had done the covers for Garry Kilworth books, you may have read some "The Welkin Weasels Thunder Oak" and the Welkin Weasels Windjammer run" One of my favourite covers is on the David Gemmell book "Sword in the Storm" That bear and the knight are so beautiful.

@Hi Bjarni, welcome to my gallery. I just added another wip picture. so you can see a little bit more has been done.

much much more to finish. As I said to Helen above there are now new separate pdn's started for little bits and pieces for adding down the road. I tend to work on several items at the same time.

@Ryberg360 thanks you I'm glad you stopped by for a visit. You come by anytime there is usually something on the go here.

@0(-.-)0 :lol: WIP is work in progress. and this ones a doozy :lol:

ciao OMA

PS wip picture 7 added pg 79

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