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thanks you every one @AFG the tear drop from Cameo and Cufflinks will find its way into this image which is also part of the futuristic landscape. I laughed when Helen mentioned a queen on a throne for the futuristic landscape. . As this princess was already being sketched for inclusion.


I didn't like the Julia Roberts style lips on the original sketch so its at this point many features tend to get adjusted a bit.

along the nose will need further shading in. that will come very shortly. more details in facial features to address yet.

more around the eye area etc.



update Dec 22 943 am continue the slow process of hair. Love the curls. :lol:


updated Dec 22 909 pm



updated Dec 23 11 51 am starte work on dress.


updated Dec 23 11 37 pm had to restart the arms as the one on her knee was soo off. thanks PDN'ers for pointing that out to me. don't want that little gal having long monkey length arms. Still so much to do re shading the arms and as usual the hands are going to be my real enemy. :lol:

The dress I'm just itching to start.

25276 25336




as I'm considering this my signature piece for the year 2009 I just had to redo the hand. here I'm starting over. With such bad eyes I had to do this extra extra large as I just was not seeing any details in the inspiration image. no tablet only mouse.




. well I did manage to do a better hand but couldn't work it in too well colorwise to the original shading. I salvaged part of the old and blended it with part of the new hand looks better but I'm not 100% on it. Overall I consider this a real good learning piece for me. The skill level was intense, and I come away knowing where I need to study and work further in the new year. thanks everyone for the watching the work in progress on this one and I wish you all well in 2010


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it's looking good :D can't wait to see the completed version oma. Very interesting way of painting as well thanks for posting the wip it gives me some insight :D


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Thanks you barbieq, Helen, Chad and yellowman. sorry I didn't have much time to respond only a few mins to pop in and add the updated wip.

I'm now nearing completion on this little gal. I've changed the gown somewhat from the inspiration. It just looks more regal in a dark color. I wanted to get away from the sweet look, dark just looks more sophisticated. Besides who ever heard of a little beige dress, it is always the little "black dress" is the must have in every girls wardrobe. :lol:

so "nearing completion wip image has been added on pg 74"

thanks everyone for looking


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thanks you AFG, Barbieq, and sokagirl. Aislin it is so nice of you to drop in for a wee visit.

I'm working on the redo of the hand tonight, not going so well. I'm not into paint.net tonight so I'll be taking a break. Hot cup of tea and a great book.

just wanted to show the latest updates added them on pg 74 with all the other wip on this one. there is one image added of the new hand very early stages, and also you will see sneak peek at the background.

very near done. most likely will be finished New Years day ,,, fingers crossed. Then I can get back to looking thru the galleries more closely instead of just wizzing thru them like I've been doing this past 2 weeks.

ciao OMA

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Well Its 2010. this morning I post the final of my princess image.

The image was extremely challenging for me to complete. The pose and the shading are some of the hardest I've ever done. I did manage to redo a better hand but the colorization just would not work in with the original so I had to salvage and merge bits and pieces of the new and the old using gradiants. Not 100% on the hand but overall for difficulty I say this is my signature piece for 2009.

By working on this one I have gained new skills and have learned where my weaknesses are. I know what areas I need to concentrate on in 2010. That alone makes this one what I think is my best so far.

here is the final version for Paint.net

and you can view work in progress shots on pg 74 .



thanks you to all who looked and left messages of encouragement. I don't think I could have tackled such a difficult picture with out your support. For those that looked but didn't leave a message, I hope the work in progress shots helped you a little bit to see how this one was done. (I'd love to hear from you even if you just say Hi OMA I stopped by for a looky look. :lol: )

ciao OMA

edit give me a few mins and I'll post the large version on DA just so you see some of the little shading details that the downsizing hides. (hair and dress)


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Okay, oma. You've left me speechless. :o :o You've outdone yourself once again. I like it how you show all of us what this program can do and that there's much more to it than just sigs. I am amazed and applaud you for creating such a spectacular image.

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Oma, I had been following the work in progress. The finished painting is breathtaking! I cannot believe the detail you put into it. I love the textures of her seat, the background, and table, and the details in the dress, and her beautiful hair! I am so impressed with the picture. And I'm glad you put the larger version on DA for us to see. If I was going to make one suggestion I would say it might help to increase the contrast between her hand and what it's resting on (jusr a little). Oh I also think the fruit bowl is beautiful with the fruit in it. It might be strange, but I think my two favorite elements in the painting are her hair and the bowl & fruit. Again I'm very impressed! Beautiful work. :D

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Oma, what a wonderful work! There is just so much that has gone into this image. The detail is amazing & all of the elements work so well. Must say I love the label on the wine bottle! The table with its contents is awesome & the picture on the wall finishes the setting beautifully.

Absolutely awesome! Bravo, Oma!


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April Jones, 2012

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Regarding the framed picture, this lady must have a really exquisite taste of art :)

Impressive as always.

Everything's just so detailed and worked over, my mind can't even handle the sheer amount of layers this pic consists of (must have taken aeons to flatten :lol:) !

The fruits are wonderful eye candy, the curly hair is astounding, and the flowers are.. I'm running out of adjectives :D

The picture looks just so... round. Nothing the eye could.. be duisturbed of or something, too bad English's not my native language ;)

It takes a whole lot of character to put so much heart and passion in such a piece of art. Kudos to you, oma, kudos to you.

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