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I love this piece. The sky is really stunning. The dragon is menacing in a cute way. I can't think of dragons as bad.

Helen's suggestion on the leaves might be worth a try to give them a bit more depth.

The bridge is fantastic.

Dark & brooding I love too.

Well done, Oma!


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April Jones, 2012

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thanks you Helen I had actually flattened that tree into the landscape back around end of Jan. so I had to try a reverse of what you suggested. i re drew some leaves and added them lighter and shadowed over the other flattened image.

parts of the sky had to also be cut and repasted and then feathered in on the left to keep the openess I wanted in the tree branches. hopefully that helps the perspective issues of the tree leaves. And that dragon is such a cheeky fellow imagine blinking at you. :lol:

0(-.-)0 hope you find your tounge soon. :lol: thanks!

Welshblue yes you are so there with me on those rocks tedium in the extreem. but worth the effort. thanks for the tips. Yes that dragon has been used in a few ways. It was originally for this myth and magic but I got side tracked in Helens challenge and he popped up as a jewel there. :lol:

Barbieq thanks ever so much I tried to fix leaves hope I didn't mess up. :lol:

Goonfella well thanks you so much as I said tried to fix leaves see above. Not sure why I didn't notice that. Guess I'd been working on it for so long it was just all running together before my eyes and I wasn't noticing details. :lol: that's why my PDN fanatics are so darn important to me.

Sokagirl I'm glad you like this dragon. he was fun to do.

ciao OMA

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I thought i had left a comment on the final work :oops: my only criticism is to much of that beautiful sky is unseen, the mountain range and sky would make a stunning work on their own, it makes me think of snow being blown off the mountain tops and sun reflecting of the snow creating colours, the dragon is like a guardian at the end of a tunnel that opens out into fantasy land :)

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thanks AFG another try at a mystical sky style will be on the agenda for later in the month. After I complete my next item on my 10 must try list for 2010. I'm in process of doing 4th personal challenge work. It may not be as impressive to those not familiar with the paint.net program ... but I'm sure there will be others that recognize the work involved to figure it out.

thanks for the tip on the leaves Helen. I knew something was off but I'd been looking at it far too long. Only wish I'd been working from an unflattened tree image. Goonfella made me laugh with his grape description. (I was eating a bunch of grapes when I was working on the update) wonder what mr Sigmund Freude would make of the subliminal thought process.

Barbieq thanks ever so much.

ciao OMA

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thanks you very much yellowman for the comments you left here and more detailed message on other forum. I appreciate the feedback.

ciao OMA

often when I'm getting ready to do a detailed semi realistic piece I set my self up with an abstract to clear the mind of distractions.

this one I've named Restore.


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thanks everyone. I've not been ignoring you all just so many pressing things going on at home. My PDN Fanatics friends will know what I'm talking about.

needed some relaxation this morning so attempted another of the ten items on my 2010 list. Its not the best but it was something I wanted to work on.

Pinecones in the needles


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Oma, whenever I look at your work a smile forms on my face. It's such a joy to see you haven't neglected PDN and though there's a lot happening at home, you still find time to work on such magnificent pieces that are inspiring to us all.

This piece is worth viewing over and over. It's superb! The pine cones are beautifully done and the needles are so beautiful!

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well its not really paint.net but it is a colored pencil drawing. I have taken the things I've learned about drawing and coloring and shading in paint.net and tried for a more traditional art form. ( made a drawing of an blue iris for daughters birthday present)

ciao OMA


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