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  1. Superman Family Guy or The Simpsons?
  2. that is actually on a building where I live....reminds me of Booger from Revenge of the Nerds!
  3. Winter (November) Jeans or sweat pants?
  4. renders are not thing but that is cool. Background is sweet. 7/10
  5. Awesome soka, reminds me of candy, somehow. As usual, I will follow yours with one of mine. Here is my latest:
  6. Thank you janet. I will be posting more soon.
  7. Thanks for the advice barbieq! Should have done that awhile ago. Also, thank you for the comments
  8. Fleeting Glimpse that is incredible! This piece has everything I wanted to learn how to do. Love music and Van Morrison (sing a lot of his songs at karaoke!!) Your time and effort is appreciated, LOVE IT!
  9. This may not seem too interesting, but this is my mouse tracking since I started work this morning! The circles are when you stop your mouse, getting larger and darker the longer the mouse sits idle. The largest dark circle is when I was at lunch. Hidden Content:
  10. You go through every digital photo you took thinking "I can use that effect from that tutorial on this"
  11. Your artwork is incredible, especially taking a photo and totally doing it from scratch. You are amazing!
  12. Thank you for the comments....the 1st pic was from my Nikon camera, taken at a spa resort my wife and I went to this year. That is actually one of the 1st Olympic sized pools in the US. It was restored a few years ago, has natural spring water flowing into it. It is over 120 years old
  13. @ 0(-.-)0... Of Course it is 100% @ Zieon Eslador, that is crazy awesome, I don't have the time to do things like that, lol. Great work, the effort shows
  14. I do have a gallery but nobody visits me. That is super nice soka. Love the colors. Here is one i just added to my gallery
  15. Thank you for the comments Briamoth and Sokagirl!
  16. I can get lost in that SokaGirl, relaxing. I don't know what this is considered, I call it Aurora
  17. Haven't updated in awhile...added some sigs and works from tutorials
  18. Like the effect, text could use something to make it pop 7/10
  19. Nice use of glass, colors are sweet. Used a few ideas from tuts. 8/10
  20. Zombies! PC or Laptop to do your art on?!
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