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  1. Oh My God Thats beautiful!
  2. Here's a screen shot from my (i hope so) game. I know it's not something beautiful, but i thought that i can share it with you. oma, and sara, thank you very much! And here's character on his own, i know he looks wierdo, but when he's small, i think, he looks nice.
  3. Dunno. I've used Paintbrush, and some effects only (Bevel, Clouds..), and yes, layer settings.
  4. Hi guys, you might have notice me on the forum, since i am here in a while. So, I am working in Paint.NET,um.. i don't know how much, but i would say, few weeks before i registered to this forum. I don't have many works, but, in the time, i hope that's going to change. Signatures'n'Avatars: Hidden Content: Realistic: Hidden Content: Abstract: no works yet ............... Hope you fellows like it. I will updateing gallery often.
  5. Totally agreed with Chad. - - I know it's not something extra but here it is.
  6. First post is edited, and now it contains abr viewer and stuff. I did it since i saw that, lot of guys don't know how to do it.
  7. Never coundet them, but I'll say about houndread. i know that i misspeled 100, but who cares
  8. It "healed" 1603.. yeai Tikkyca, your lastname is Jovanovic, are you from Serbia?
  9. Solved it! Manually installed PdN .5.2
  10. Hope i wont get 1603 anymore! Anyway, thanks Rick great job!
  11. lol dude I cannot install even if i want to (and i want to)
  12. OMG i forgot to say that it wont uninstall that "Uncompleted instalation folder"..
  13. It stopped working when i installed (new) Windows 7 x86 Ultimate over my Windows XP Professional OS. Ive tried portable versions, previous versions.. nothing worked. Help? Rick? Anybody?
  14. It gives me error like this: There was an error while installing Paint.NET (1603) WTH
  15. Since i havent been on this forum few days, i havent responded. WOW GUYS! AMAZING ARTWORKS! Thank you for your coments and results!
  16. @mendo Nice outcome! @chad With Painbrush tool or?
  17. Niiiiiiceeeee... (I didn't say you have to use brushes I used) If you add some transparent border it could look nicer.
  18. 8/10 Borders could be better and you coudda use more "nianses"* of blue. *darker, lighter..
  19. Hi guys! This is my first tutorial, so i hope it will do well! If this is wrong section please move it! Tutorial: This is what we will be making: (that effect) 1. Open new project (Ctrl+N - File>New) Paint your background black :PaintBucketTool: . Add a layer :AddNewLayer: and call it "Splatter". Now add some splatter brushes with CustomBrushes Mini by Simon Brown in white color. I think these are brushes i used. 2 text Make a new layer which shall be called "Text Layer". Now wrote some text, somewhere 'round middle of that splatter. Then add some outline with Outline Object by pyrochild. Outline Object is not necessary!! Text shall be in some pinky color. You can bold it or something, if you want. On Text Layer, make Gaussian Blur, around 10. Now make another layer. :AddNewLayer: Call it Text2 Layer or something. On that layer, write same text with same font but in white color. Run Gaussian Blur on 5. Colors Make another layer :AddNewLayer: , call it Colors. Take Paintbrush Tool . Brush width on 'round 125. Okay, now take red color and make a cricle which will cover part of splatter. Repeat same step with some other colors (blue, orange, green...). You must cover whole splatter. On Colors layer run Gaussian Blur on...hmm...'round you get something like on next image. I've used 52. (NOTE: I haven't use same colors on image 005 and image 006) Finishing Go on your 4th layer (Colors) and set its blending mode on Overlay. Now go to image>flatten. You now have something like this: Some notices and advices: Hidden Content: You can darken your Splatter layer if text isn't visible. You also can glow it or add some extra effects, borders, renders, c4d's.. but its your choice! Show me your works please! How to use brushes: Hidden Content: You need ABR Viewer program. Google it, then download it. With it, extract brushes and do the thing with Custom Brushes MINI. If you want detailed instructions please visit this. Hope you like it! Gigabyte
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