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  1. Long time no sea, no lake nor posting. I saw the movie Chocolat (a wonderful one, if possible, do watch ) a couple of days ago, and tonight I started wondering if I could make a picture of the taste of the perfect cup of hot chocolate. I also had the urge to try Sharp's line sig tutorial. Behold, the mighty ostrich! Also to be found under the Misc. category in first post.
  2. Hopefully I'm in time.. I would've submitted this yesterday, but my computer crashed and I decided to go to bed and try again this morning. If I missed the deadline, I'll take this back, just notify me, please Anyhow, 100% by PdN http://img80.imageshack.us/img80/3710/aotw6layers.png
  3. Kemaru, you mean upper secondary or vocational school,right? (lukio tai amis) Happiness: after the first year of upper secondary to have average grades of 9.something out of 10, especially because everyone's said that most usually the grades get significantly lower on this new stage of studies, but they haven't dropped almost at all And, my new summer job isn't as bad as I'd thought it would be, and it's incredibly well paid.
  4. I once heard a teacher had sued a 14-year-old student, because she'd drawn a rabbit on the blackboard, being aware that the teacher had a bunnyphobia. I don't know whether the teacher got any compensation
  5. d.a., do you acknowledge these? Exhibits A | B | C | D What a shock, going through those hilariousish comics, to see a familiar name
  6. Happiness: I got a tablet!! Bamboo Fun Pen&Touch Medium I'm still getting used to it, but so far and forever on it's wonderful
  7. Ruska by Apocalyptica Damn they sound wonderful four cellos doing melodic metal... I'm entranced. BTW, 'ruska' is Finnish for the beautiful time of autumn, when trees' leaves turn yellow and red just before falling off for the winter.
  8. I might just be getting a Bamboo Fun Medium tablet in a month or so
  9. They're releasing the full seasons later on. And, thank you very much for that! Now I certainly can't wait I still remember how you scolded me for not believing Tennant was incredible, and now you've used even more extravagant adjectives... ... I can't wait
  10. Shame, the only BBC I can watch is Entertainment and the DVD sets won't come out before summer and even then it's *just* Series 5: Part 1 i.e. the first few episodes. The whole series would fit my collection well, because all other DW or DW-related (torchwood 1, 2 and 3 and SJA 1&2 ) boxes are complete series... But I don't know if I can handle the wait But, life's cruel, and you say Matt Smith isn't the young, bland weirdo he was assumed to be? From what you've said, he actually seems quite nice?
  11. I can't believe I'm actually saying this, but my hair hurts Well, the skin of my head hurts for some odd reason and if my hair moves, it aches. And I'll have to take a shower today. Rant
  12. Have hotkeys to move layers up and down and select layers by moving the selection in the Layers window been considered? I, once again, tonight noticed they'd have sped up my work, since I'm keen on using hotkeys all the time. Perhaps they wouldn't have been that speedy, but when I'm in the middle of trying different arrays of layers and blend modes, it's distracting to have to grab the mouse when I want to move a layer up or down or to select another layer.
  13. They're ads that you have (somehow, unknowingly?) blocked and then all that's left is the empty slot in which they were or should be. Am I correct if I believe I'm up to date with the rest of the civilized world now that I've everything up to the Specials? ie. Series 5 hasn't yet been in any way broadcasted anywhere?
  14. I got the box-set a week ago and though it's quite sad, I voted for The End of Time. It's got the unique grandeur and glory that make DW the astounding, unbelievable spectacle it is. I showed three first episodes of Series 1 to a friend of mine and she immediately wanted to see more a week later we had watched episodes all the way to Series 3 Apparently it's a very good show.
  15. Sounds like you could use this tutorial: viewtopic.php?f=34&t=28790
  16. Wonderful! I did the skin's texture by some noise with a couple Reliefs. For the flesh, I stretched some noise that had went through Dents and used Polar Transformation to get it in a ring. Other than that, it's by the tutorial.
  17. Sorry, Welsh, I rudely used your image But, with just a couple of small steps, some depth and more gloss can be introduced
  18. Arvaapa mikä kieli. Nopea, ruskea kettu hyppää kolmeasataa Paint.NETiä pyörittävää tietokonetta yllään pitävän laiskan kissanpennun yli. Are you sure you wanted to use the verb 'wearing'?
  19. Another, if small, update (located under Fanart)! Made just tonight, following aguba's wonderful 3D tutorial (viewtopic.php?f=31&t=33668) And, also! The whole main post is now fitted with links to full-size images either in my dA or ImageShack.
  20. Wow. Pure awesomeness. This, my sir, is a tutorial worthy even of stickying, perhaps? Clicky
  21. If I can recall correctly, it was quite according to Ash's legendary chrome tutorial, but with some motionblurred, grayscale noise, a few duplications and blend modes on two, differently luminous, straight rectangles which, after I was all happy and had flattened them, I used Polar Transformation on. O Almighty Carp, the Creator and Maintainer of all that is fishy around the forums, what a sentence
  22. Update in the Wallpapers/Backgrounds section! EDIT: I could of course say something about it.. Started playing around in PdN after coming across this (viewtopic.php?f=31&t=27095) old beauty, and half an hour later...
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