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@Sokagirl :lol: yes it is still an open canvas. so many things to pick from to add, I'm not absolutly sure what will make the final cut. :lol:

@AFG :lol: so you felt someone looking at you :lol: Oh that's how I feel sometimes I'm sure you PDN Fanatics have a hidden camera in my computor room watching all my paint.net moves over my shoulder. .

@Welshblue, :lol: yes there is a face in there. Think it will likely get redone a bit more grim and a tad bigger, if I feel like it at the end after all the other work is complete. There was a skull like image in the sky but I've mucked around with the clouds so much I'll have to re add that again at the end. I'm not sure if the wip show it or if I managed to cover it . anyways it will come back near the end if there is room. :lol:

@Possum Roadkill :lol: are you trying to trick me into drawing a possum? :lol: not a chance, I'm going to tackle that one. :lol:

@Briamoth, thanks you, you know there was a time when I couldn't draw a stick if I had to. And it wasn't all that long ago. I made it my goal to learn, and read every book the local library had on drawing and painting. The best books I've found so far for beginners are by Jack Hamm. I took them out at the library so often, my family finally bought me my own for a gift. If you give this info to the librarian I'm sure they can bring in this book for you thru interlibrary loan.

"How to draw Animals by Jack Hamm ISBN 0-399-50802-3" you will really like it I'm sure. Maybe you might even go buy yourself this book :lol:

0(-.-)0 :lol: I told you it was a myth and magic inspiration. Its inspired by John Howe's art. He often has little images hidden away.


I've redone the grass section as previous version of grass and boulders wasn't looking correct. It wasn't leaving me enough area for the stone bridge I wanted Took a bit rethinking that section. I had to learn how to draw a bridge. Very time consuming piling up all them rocks :lol:

so have added new image of the work in progress on pg 79 ... now I'm off to work on the next additions.

ciao OMA

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Yes. This shows how powerful PDN is. I'm pretty sure the creators of Paint.NET are happy with your work. Wow! It's beautiful, professional, and all the good words there are describe your PDN image. Wow!!! :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

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@theonlychad glad you liked this dragon. I got sidetracked from my original and just played tonight.

@Helen thanks you. I entered in the challenge. not sure it qualifies, but thought you might like to see what I'd been playing at instead of working on my Myth and Magic picture.

@Barbie I know how much you like dragons. :lol: and its nice of you to say best dragon image, I think he is pretty nice myself. :lol:

@Welsh, thanks you, It was a real work of pleasure this one. Took a break from the other image I'd been doing on fans and morphed it into something else as a play piece.

@Possum thanks you also. I know I promised a dragon tut ages ago , but it won't be this fellow toooooooo long for a tut.

thanks for nice words everyone.

tomorrow its back to Myth and Magic image.

ciao OMA

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Oma! For Myth and Magic, I think the tree looks amazing since you took the boulders out. Love the texture and lighting on the trunk. I also really like the perspective and contrast the bridge adds, and I like the trees in front of the bridge. I'm excited to see what else you do to it. :)

And I would also like a dragon tut! :D

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@Bjarni thanks you I like the dragon very much as well. He is part of my 3rd self challenge for the year 2010. I will be doing more of this same dragon for myth and magic image, only he is in color. This "solid dragon tear" I showed was just a play around piece I tried to enter Helen's challenge on Fans. Perhaps tihis also will work its way into the myth and magic as part of the frame along with the fl size version of colored dragon, Then again maybe not :lol:

@Soaka girl thanks you about bridge, took me many frustrated attempts to draw. I'm glad you like dragon, some wip on Fans site. I'll move them over here after I get finished a bit more.

@LibbyH thanks you very much. the tree trunk I was trying for mossy look old and knarly. Think its not too bad, As its going to be back a bit yet (middle ground) after I add next section of the myth and magic picture I didn't stress as much over the bark.

If I do a dragon tut it will be very long and I'm not even sure I could scoot it down to a reasonalble level.

will think on it some more. It might just be an question and answer style thing after I've totally finished.

ciao OMA

ps the dragon they are talking about is a diversion piece page 80 will possibly be included in myth and magic.

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Oma, oma, oma I wish I could come over for coffee and watch you work your pdn magic. My life continues to be to busy and now I have stayed up to late so that I could look around the galleries. Just a few is all I have time for but you are always on my list.


"One can't complain. I have my friends. Someone spoke to me only yesterday." EEYORE

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so now I show you all the dragon

he is part perhaps to be worked into myth and magic picture see pg 79

and also he is in the diversion picture I did for Helen's challenge event Pg 80

wip in progress shots

still need to do much more but had to flatten as I kept getting out of memory messages :lol: guess the pdn is much too big,






edit version 3 jan 20 2010

edit version 4 jan 22 2010 finally fixed the eyes I like the face better now.

edit front claw wip Jan 23 2010 started work on the front claw so many little pieces for something that will be knocked down by about 80 % in the final image. :lol: as of now Jan 25 2010 finished front claw next is the forearm

ciao OMA

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thanks you Helen .....

AFG thanks means a lot coming from someone that's actually studied art. took me quite a bit to read and figure out what the books meant on this perspective. I had originally tried for an overhead bridge in 3point perspective but it just was not working out. so now I must add a 3 point perspective image to my 2010 list of images to try.

0(-.-)0 :smile:

Jannetsue you are so more than welcome to stop by my house ANY time for a chat and some coffee and sweets. Would love your company.

ciao OMA

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I think it is about a thousand mile walk but do keep that invitation open. I run out of memory when working on a big file so I have learned to save my pdn often and close and reopen so I don't lose my hard work.

Can I get that one in a tattoo?


"One can't complain. I have my friends. Someone spoke to me only yesterday." EEYORE

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