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  1. Kemaru, you mean upper secondary or vocational school,right? (lukio tai amis) Happiness: after the first year of upper secondary to have average grades of 9.something out of 10, especially because everyone's said that most usually the grades get significantly lower on this new stage of studies, but they haven't dropped almost at all And, my new summer job isn't as bad as I'd thought it would be, and it's incredibly well paid.
  2. I once heard a teacher had sued a 14-year-old student, because she'd drawn a rabbit on the blackboard, being aware that the teacher had a bunnyphobia. I don't know whether the teacher got any compensation
  3. Happiness: I got a tablet!! Bamboo Fun Pen&Touch Medium I'm still getting used to it, but so far and forever on it's wonderful
  4. Ruska by Apocalyptica Damn they sound wonderful four cellos doing melodic metal... I'm entranced. BTW, 'ruska' is Finnish for the beautiful time of autumn, when trees' leaves turn yellow and red just before falling off for the winter.
  5. I might just be getting a Bamboo Fun Medium tablet in a month or so
  6. I can't believe I'm actually saying this, but my hair hurts Well, the skin of my head hurts for some odd reason and if my hair moves, it aches. And I'll have to take a shower today. Rant
  7. Have hotkeys to move layers up and down and select layers by moving the selection in the Layers window been considered? I, once again, tonight noticed they'd have sped up my work, since I'm keen on using hotkeys all the time. Perhaps they wouldn't have been that speedy, but when I'm in the middle of trying different arrays of layers and blend modes, it's distracting to have to grab the mouse when I want to move a layer up or down or to select another layer.
  8. Wonderful! I did the skin's texture by some noise with a couple Reliefs. For the flesh, I stretched some noise that had went through Dents and used Polar Transformation to get it in a ring. Other than that, it's by the tutorial.
  9. Wow. Pure awesomeness. This, my sir, is a tutorial worthy even of stickying, perhaps? Clicky
  10. You definitely have the Monet Award for a reason. The wavy skin(?) in the background in Viper's Pit resembles stairs, or is it just me...? Nevertheless, you are absolutely amazing!
  11. I express that Avatar was and is gorgeous Especially the 3D-version, which I just finished some two hours ago. Though it's a basic heroicly epicly dramatic lovestory-adventure, the setting was so immensely beautiful, I'm still having shivers
  12. SkullSplitter, that's nice, but I think there are quite enough sig tuts. After all, though it looks nice, it's not that unlike all the ones the forum already has. Yesternight I was listening to Rammstein and had an urge to recreate their logo.
  13. Yellowman, that IS beautiful! The first-ever picture by PdN with my new laptop. Though it's some few months old, I thought I'd show it. It's originally 1920*1080 (resized to 900*something to show it off) and was my background for a long time, and just yesterday I had the urge to find it again, and now it's up once again
  14. I believe I have just found the perfect way of demonstrating what it means that tilt shift makes things appear miniatyre. This video is incredibly great It really shows the power of tilt shift on a parade in Paris
  15. I've been wondering for quite a long time now about the deepest secrets of DPI, and this just did all the wondering for me Thank you very much! Just one thing.. Either I've missed the whole point of the lesson* or there's something amiss there: *Which would be a shame since it's such a nice one
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