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  1. Welsh, I can't go on Deviant Art because of a blocker on my computer. I love your work. I always have and always will but now I can't see it anymore. Please continue to post. You're more then just an asset to the community.
  2. Hah. Noobs. Mine is the 2003 version. Pwnage right? Oh wait...
  3. Looks like a room. With wals. And a floor. And a ceiling. Very roomish. realistic Nice
  4. I love the spaceship idea. Its great. Nicely done. I want to do it now Thats epic. The orange feather is an inkscape feather thats been blurred. The rest of the feathers are editted versions of the first. 100% PDN otherwise. 100% PDN 1920x1080
  5. Its because of all the evidence supporting alien life. And the massive probability of a planet that could support alien life. Right?
  6. I was going to make a trophy based on the current theme for the MRC. Just post it on the first page for fun...Maybe outsource the work. Pick a PDN'er to make the trophy/ribbon for each comp...
  7. is scared of low quality videos...

  8. Legal shmegal. I bought a gun when I was 7! I murdered a lawyer when I was 8! I ate a liver when I was 9! I jaywalked when I was 10! I woke up 5 minutes ago!
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