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  1. Hah. Noobs. Mine is the 2003 version. Pwnage right? Oh wait...
  2. Looks like a room. With wals. And a floor. And a ceiling. Very roomish. realistic Nice
  3. I love the spaceship idea. Its great. Nicely done. I want to do it now Thats epic. The orange feather is an inkscape feather thats been blurred. The rest of the feathers are editted versions of the first. 100% PDN otherwise. 100% PDN 1920x1080
  4. I think your sig is too big. Total. Its massive. And rather annoying. No offence LOVE the sticker thing though. That could be your sig in itself. Pwnage.
  5. I tried 10,000 x 10,000 once. That was for a spacescape texture. Yeaah...on an old comp...*Shudder*
  6. You just looove to whine don't you! I'm kidding. Great pics. Good to see you back. Second Halo pic. Can't see the sandstorm pic for some reason Wish you better. Glad you and your friends are alright
  7. Its because of all the evidence supporting alien life. And the massive probability of a planet that could support alien life. Right?
  8. Yaay! Spaces! I like teh spaces! I need to find a way to make asteroids though ...hmmm...
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