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thanks you Helen it was a quick fun one to do. I think I make mistake, snowflake is 6 point not 8 but I like the symetry of 8. LOL! its my own creation if the scientists can find new alien life forms who is to say that they won't find an 8 sided snowflake one day.

once again thanks for viewing my gallery.

ciao OMA

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thinking of you all. sorry for not being around too much lately but life has a way of kicking a gal in the teeth once in awhile. needed some real downtime to rest.

anyways wishing you all a great holiday season.

ciao OMA


Space...The Final Frontier. -James Tiberius Kirk; circa 2260s


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Merry Christmas

thanks Pixey for the red Xmas stocking and Christmas cracker!

ciao OMA

PS this little Bear is part of the Xmas Room my PDN fanatic friends helped me decorate. you can see it over on my DA gallery. http://omagrandmother.deviantart.com/#/d35dlrk

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Oma your Christmas bear is so very cute !

This image is really stunning. The depth and shading makes it look like it's from a 3D program with a high end rendering program.

I have to say this is one of my favorites. It is so very beautiful you can see so deep into it.



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I really haven't been keeping up this gallery the way I should. I want to say thanks you to everyone for all the nice comments thru the entire year.

hopefully in 2011 I will be able to spend more time on my computor. but I guess you all know how things go. Life gets in the way of enjoyment sometimes.

here is one I did up real quick

my favourite flower is a carnation.

100% paint.net no renders its not a photograph. I drew this one using the lasso and used shaped gradiant for color. some liquify and some smudge. .


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Thanks you Possum I also felt that carnation had some very realistic elements to it. I'm not exactly 100% yet with the petals but they are a darn site closer than I've come with the last 10 attempts. Actually have another idea in the works that may even give more realism to the ruffling of the flower head.

Axle thanks you I do try. Its a learning process. Learning to draw convincingly and getting the shading etc in correct positions. I see you gave me some constructive critique in the realistic picture forum. I'll work that into the newer "improved?" version I am currently working on. LOL!

LOL! well from one of the masters of realism that is fine praise Welshy. And i know what a great garden you have so I'm glad I came close. Newer carnation in the works.

Thanks Barbie, I've noted the shadow idea both you and Axel promted me on in the realistic picture forum section. Its in the works. LOL!

Thanks you Chrisco its one idea on my 2010 top 10 lists that I needed to try. The ruffles were what was holding me up. Then I realized the shaped gradiant would work perfectly in that application. Just a matter of getting the gradiant running from the correct centre on each block of petals.

Thanks you Helen. I'm fairly pleased with this quick proto type.

next one more ruffles and more shade variations with the use of an old plug in that I nearly forgot about. (hint mosaic)

ciao thanks all for support


sneak peek at the more ruffled petals I'm working on.


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