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  1. Oh My God Thats beautiful!
  2. Here's a screen shot from my (i hope so) game. I know it's not something beautiful, but i thought that i can share it with you. oma, and sara, thank you very much! And here's character on his own, i know he looks wierdo, but when he's small, i think, he looks nice.
  3. Dunno. I've used Paintbrush, and some effects only (Bevel, Clouds..), and yes, layer settings.
  4. Hi guys, you might have notice me on the forum, since i am here in a while. So, I am working in Paint.NET,um.. i don't know how much, but i would say, few weeks before i registered to this forum. I don't have many works, but, in the time, i hope that's going to change. Signatures'n'Avatars: Hidden Content: Realistic: Hidden Content: Abstract: no works yet ............... Hope you fellows like it. I will updateing gallery often.
  5. Totally agreed with Chad. - - I know it's not something extra but here it is.
  6. First post is edited, and now it contains abr viewer and stuff. I did it since i saw that, lot of guys don't know how to do it.
  7. Never coundet them, but I'll say about houndread. i know that i misspeled 100, but who cares
  8. It "healed" 1603.. yeai Tikkyca, your lastname is Jovanovic, are you from Serbia?
  9. Solved it! Manually installed PdN .5.2
  10. Hope i wont get 1603 anymore! Anyway, thanks Rick great job!
  11. lol dude I cannot install even if i want to (and i want to)
  12. OMG i forgot to say that it wont uninstall that "Uncompleted instalation folder"..
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