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  1. Dunno. I've used Paintbrush, and some effects only (Bevel, Clouds..), and yes, layer settings.
  2. Totally agreed with Chad. - - I know it's not something extra but here it is.
  3. I LOVE it! Maybe you could make a tutorial how to make that wire (around your avatar and sig..and oklahoma winter)
  4. Thank's for your advices, I really appriciate it. Your heart is really great, great idea, great realization!
  5. By the way, my renders. + avatar Hidden Content: I know, i know, this glowy line shouldn't be there. And to stop double posting i will show you some of my arts in this post. Hidden Content:
  6. Thank you! I really like your new work, it's so...so.. beautiful.
  7. Oh My GOD! This is sooo good! I'll give it a shot, just about now!! EDIT: Here's my shot at it!
  8. Hi there fellows! Im Gigabyte from Bosnia and I'm not an PdN artist, but i woudda like to be one! I hope I will learn something about Paint.net! If youhave any more questions to ask just - ask.
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