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The Pictorium! Post your created or edited images here!

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After seeing usedHONDA's pick of the ipod I thought that looked cool and wanted to see if I could do it to. First I did the Ipod and say why stop there so I also made a pic of my MP3 player called Zen and it came out nice.



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the ipod click wheel is down too much as well as being too short. the time tracker thing justs ends, it doesn't fade.



im putting in sozo's photo from the next page so it can be on the 300th page



"No. Dreaming is illegal."~Pyrochild

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Got this image after trying to work out how to colorize images in PDN. If I can figure out a more efficient/better way to do it, I'll write something up on it (providing there's nothing already done on that subject).


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if you made any posts on the last page just edit in there

nm, ill do it for you.

Cool. Thanks a bunch spike! :D

EDIT: Trooper, very nice, professional look. Whatever way you do it works well.



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