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  1. 2048*1600 inspired by one of the worst movies ever: The Devil Inside.
  2. Oh cool! My tut still exists! I haven't been here for a long time, so it makes me quite happy that a lot of people like those tiny, little orbs. ^^ @ LinTorX Try to solve this problem with different blurs and feathering! *goes on with taking a look around the forum*
  3. @ Katastrophies, twenty-12, SCRN and GradensMommy thank you! I'm glad u like it! =)
  4. well...where're u lost?
  5. /me needs a high-resolution version of the pdn logo. Can someone help me? ^^ ouh...got it
  6. Thanks for all the positiv replies! I haven't posted for a while, but I'll condemn myself to be more active again! I'm pleased that a lot of people like my tut and get very neat results out of it! =)
  7. that are shortcuts, which simplify a lot steps of the procedure. [strg.] + [.I] f.ex. inverts the selection. Certainly, the shortcuts weren't supposed to be SO small! That's a probem of the new forume which I forgot to fix -> [size=9][i][strg.] + [shift] + [R][/i][/size] that came out (in the old forum) as sth like this -> [strg.] + [shift] + [R] code -> [size=85][i][strg.] + [shift] + [R][/i][/size] size=85 instead of size=9! That's why everything is so tiny! But I'll fix it right now. ^^ ___edit___ done!
  8. Not too bad! You could smoothe the edges from your objects a bit and maye add some shadow! ___edit___ ouh, now that's cool! Thank you sooo much Ash! =)))
  9. (apart from that) neat result Hockeyflyers! Your metallic ring looks very nice. tftmt! (thx for trying my tut )
  10. [off-topic] I love your avatar, Helio! [/off-topic] [sth on-topic] yeah...why not? [/sth on-topic]
  11. correct! I had to resize it. Of course the URL remained the same and that's why you see exactly the same image as my current ava. The supposed-to-be-one was a bit larger (120x150) ___edit___ full size (298x372)
  12. @ Cheezymcpoon Frojo is right, but apart from these trifles, you did a good job! The shadow of the figure is great! @ lolysmile Very neat result :!: You may add a reflection to the cam as well. @ Mystic Darkrider not too bad! Just move the reflection of the orb a bit upwards. Thx for posting your outcomes!
  13. Actually THIS was supposed to be my avatar upgrade, but well...the 20kB limit put a spoke in my wheel...=/
  14. mostly done! (ignore possible typos ) Thx Ash! Your pdf was a big help!
  15. in that case you will LOVE the missing part (give me half an hour )
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