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  1. Don't really know what the point is. Is it suppose to mean there is more to you than appears or you're colorful? I don't know. For that I give it 5/10. I give it that much because you show some promise.
  2. The tutorial section of this forum has gone from bad to bloody potato. There are people out there putting a tuts on here and it is plain and simple bloody potato! Why do they do it? For instance there is a million and one tutorials that have just something craptastic like take your image, zoom blur, radial blur, and you're finished. WHOOPITY DO! I have only put two tutorials on here and honestly not very proud of one of them. I just think that there should be a review board for these things. If someone could honestly review a tut and say if it is good enough quality or not to be posted then so be it. If this could be done then someone wouldn't have to wade through tons of bloody potato just to get to something that would help finish something they are working on. P.S. I don't give a gosh darn what you think about my grammar.
  3. How did you manage to grow two giant, semi-transparent heads out of your back? By taking the pill called PDN twice a day for 1 month. :wink: Alright who played a joke on me? I was told that pill was a suppository not something to be taken by mouth.
  4. Both. Some games are way to overrated. While some are way to underrated. The Colbert Report
  5. False. Wanted to but it started at 7PM we got there late at 7:30. So we saw Superbad. TPBM has played and liked the The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass.
  6. In the words of Wayne and Garth regarding MILF's "SCHWING!" For all those children out there.
  7. False. Never even heard of it. TPBM has a beard-o'licious beard like me.
  8. I like it. I imagine the layer count on it was darn high by the time you was finished. 9.5/10
  9. This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it Even though thermal imaging does look different from this it does give it a look of thermal imaging. It fades from purple to red or fading from cold then to hot. To do this tutorial you will need to install the Gradient Mapping plugin. For any questions about the Gradient Mapping plug-in please consult that thread. [Images and text provided by @ReMake] 1. Open the image you wish to use. 2. Open Gradient Mapping (Adjustments -> Gradient Mapping). Then add the colors like the picture below. Go from Violet, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red. Remember to spread the colors. 3. Click OK and you should have your finished product. You can use these settings as a preset. Unzip this file [ThermalImage.zip] it and place it to Documents -> paint.net User Files -> Effect Presets -> Gradient Mapping
  10. It kept crashing on me the first time I tried it. So I decided to reinstall it. Second time around I noticed that there was two dll's. Once I installed both of them it worked perfectly. I could be totally wrong though with what I'm swinging at. For all I know you are having troubles getting a gradient made.
  11. I like it. I'm creating some psychedelic looking things.
  12. Mary Jane's Last Dance - Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
  13. I've been playing with the Fractals plug-in and made myself some cool desktops.
  14. Ta-da evil triumphs over everything even you, because you asked for change back at the grocery store and evil doesn't give change. I wish I could find my DS.
  15. False. I'm not that rich to afford Photoshop. I'm so broke I can't even change my mind. TPBM doesn't want to go back to school.
  16. Ta-da everyone has something to eat and an x-box 360 but they eat so much they die of heart attacks and can't play their x-box. I wish I could be an astronaut.
  17. I tried chicken livers once. I liked them.
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