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  1. Is it possible to access the individual color channels in a layer or image? I've looked through everything I can think of, but I just can't find a way to do it. Maybe it hasn't been implemented at this time?
  2. That's a really nice pic. Do you have some sort of macro lens or setting on your camera? Every time I try to get in close like that, my subject blurs -- and I'm using the "macro" mode on my point-and-click digicam. Hmmph. That's probably an answer in itself... I have a Cannon PowerShot A630. On the Flowers I used the Portrait setting and I used the Macro (little flower image on the screen) too. I have found using a tripod will stop my camera from shaking when doing the really closeup photos. A tripod worked well for the lillies since they are about 2 1/2 feet tall. I have some pictures that didn't blur out the background like they were suppose to so I have used the Portrait plugIn of PDN to get it even better. By the way I am new to the camera also - forgive me for my lack of terminology use. Thanks for the info. I haven't been in a position to try my tripod as I'm usually walking around with the camera somewhere when I take photos. I'll have to drag the tripod out in the yard today, weather permitting, and see what I can do. No worries on the technical jargon, I wouldn't know what you were talking about if you used it.
  3. I think you've almost Oma'd it yourself. It sort of reminds me of those (I think) Indian religious patterns that represent the universe. ...what *are* those things called?
  4. That's a really nice pic. Do you have some sort of macro lens or setting on your camera? Every time I try to get in close like that, my subject blurs -- and I'm using the "macro" mode on my point-and-click digicam. Hmmph. That's probably an answer in itself...
  5. I like the image, Oma. The hutch/cabinet has much more attention to detail than I could sit still for. Salute!
  6. Thanks, Oma. I think I'm gonna play with the original of that image for a while -- the raindrops really make me want to do *something* with that image.
  7. I like this. It's like some weapon from the 'Blade' movies. Good job.
  8. I'm pretty sure there is a "negative colors" thrown in there somewhere as well as multiple other plugins. Honestly, I did quite a bit, so I don't remember all the steps off the cuff. Feel free to d/l the .pdn from my sight and go through it, however. I try to put them all up (the .pdn's) when I post, and sometimes there's potential material in some of the layers.
  9. Tried my hand at a bit more photo editing and came up with this. Seems a bit more creating than editing, but it was a lot of fun using the plugins on an actual subject versus my usual Creation-at-Random. I'd wanted something more fantasy-like. Softer, too. I think I'll continue to work with this for a while. The .pdn for this file is up and available on my site, click the sig.
  10. That's a pretty creative way to make wings. I *like* the image.
  11. Oma, that is amazing. You did that all "freehand" in PDN? Amazing! Did you use a tablet?
  12. I really like the style you're developing. Your art reminds me a lot of water color and the style and palette brings to mind illustrations from children's books -- soft, bright colors that catch the eye and interest. Good job. Looking forward to seeing more.
  13. Began working through the "Let's make a chain" tutorial tonight, forged a link, and started throwing random plugins at it. Wound up with this: Sort of like a singularity in some sort of cage. And, yep, I really need some inspiration. On a side note, someone had posted an image showing the sun ray effects degraded about the edges. I think I may have accidentally figured out how that was done. I used the cloud effect and then selectively colored some areas in. The image .pdn is on my page -- actually fairly small file this time.
  14. tnx.. well i started off using madjik's tree plug in (forgot the amounts though, just make it big and have lots of branches). then i used the polar inversion effect (made it look like the pattern you see..) then i duplicated the layer 3 times: ==one is for the dents effect ==one for zoom blur delux(zoom is at top right corner) ==one for some gaussian blur. (just play with the amounts and experiment) make sure that the original layer is at the top. then added some radial blur as a backround. there you have it! ~~made this reply real quick (cause im at school), if you have questions, just pm me. k? Thanks. I haven't played with the tree plugin yet and now I've got a reason. Again, well done.
  15. That's a great combo of images. I really like your pattern building. Did you do a cut-out from the original image to get the arrow shapes?
  16. Sorry 'bout the depression, but I really like that image. Looks like ink in water. How'd you get that effect?
  17. Whoa. That I like as well. The Tunnel of Love it is not ...kind of like the entrance to Metal Hell. I like this theme you have going.
  18. It's a really great picture; I like it. Thanks for the improv tutorial, too. I'm going to give some of the steps a shot -- I don't think I've really used some of the layer adjustments. The initial image you used to create this was interesting in itself just for the change in perspective, I think.
  19. Thanks! I appreciate it. It's kind of amazing what you can do with PDN. That image started out as 4 squiggles of two different colors.
  20. I like that, Oma. Here's my variation on the theme: Bubbles and tunnels -- The colors turned out a bit drab, but in my defense I has just gotten home from work this morning. How did you get the "window" or "hole" effect in the main shape? Was it kind of "luck of the function" or did you plan that out? As always. .pdn on my site (large file).
  21. It's a great image, Ares. I'd hate to have to choose between your sig now and making one from that image. Tough choice as both are interesting and unique images.
  22. Did you compile PDN under [miguel's version of .net, whatchamacallit] or are you using wine, etc? Or just dual booting Windows? I'd like to know if it's possible to get PDN running "natively".
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