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  1. For anyone who has seen my work would know that minimalism is not exactly my thing. I kept wanting to add more...
  2. Hello, I know, I've been missing for a while. I've missed quite a lot of great stuff here, like 300 or so pictorium pages! :shock: Guess I shouldn't stay away too long. :wink: Here are a few pieces I just finished. As always, click for full view. This one is intended as a wallpaper. I have widescreen and standard resolution available at deviantart. Have a windows mobile phone? Theme available at DA also.
  3. Yay 2nd place. Congrats Buzzkill. Wanted to show a detail shot of the planet in my entry. I don't know what I was thinking but the final resolution before resizing it to the 500x150 limit was 2667x800. I started to put way too much detail into it before I shrank it down. :? Anyhoo... Click for full 1000x1173 resolution. Also wanted to say that the abstract artist in me really liked JiMiCrAcK's entry. Good job.
  4. The Tube Oblique plugin may be able to help you.
  5. After seeing this line I'd probably run scandisk to make sure that there is nothing wrong with your memory. There could be a problem there but, I'm no expert. Maybe someone else can chime in here...
  6. That is how I do it when I create an image for a lightscribe cd. I think it's a 1200x1200 canvas with a circle that touches all four edges on the second layer and I create whatever image I want starting on the third layer.
  7. Here are a couple examples that I've done with the CodeLab scripts... Mandel and Julia. I've created a few dll's out of the scripts using the standard CodeLab 3 slider UI but only having 3 variables is just not quite enough for fractals. If I had time I'd learn a little C# but alas, there is never enough time for everything... The dot shows that you have posted in that topic. [/off topic]
  8. @Spike121: Yep, there is a few layered in there. Playing with the Mandelbrot Codelab script.
  9. And another bottom of the page post for me... This looks really good. I like. Just another abstract...
  10. I decided that I would release a .pdn for those interested. It is of the planet for the spacescene I posted above. The .pdn can be downloaded Here. Enjoy!
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