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Share Your Custom Paint.NET Brushes

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Here is the whole set from the animated hsparks flame-like brush from GIMP. There are 9 images within this set. Get creative.

EDIT: Updated hsparks set.

EDIT: Added entire vine set.

EDIT: Added entire SketchBrush set.

EDIT: I added all 3 sets together so that I could add an example screenshot to this post without having to create another post.



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My second Photoshop "rip" . . . this time I present to you . . . Arrows!

I hope you enjoy! :P:mrgreen:

Megaupload Link - file size was too big! If this link doesn't work, PM me so I shall re-upload and edit this post.


EDIT: My next "rip" shall be alphabet brushes found in Photoshop. Oh god - 26 letters, 26 pictures. I'll manage it, I think . . .

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it worked, but i dont like that site


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Lets see how your plugin work out when it's more polished.

And, by the time comes the PDN 4.xx

Users might be using the built in Brush system.

And you would've spent time making a new forum that not many will visit anymore.

i agree, maybe you could create a free web page off yahoo or something, and get permission to link every ones files to that. Then you could kinda organize the files, and they would all be on one page.



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That's quite... er... interesting, Madjik! It looks like a very complicated stomach/intestines. :o

Or, more appealingly, slightly like neurons.

v An excellent open–source strategy game—highly recommended.


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vista? presents you . . . "The Uppercase Alphabet"!



Alphabet - Capitals.zip Here's is the download link (FileFactory)

Lowercase letters to come soon . . .

(Yes, this was another Photoshop "rip"!)


Lowercase alphabet (similar to above screenshot but in lower case)

To download (FileFactory Link)

Once again, PM me if the links aren't working so I shall edit and re-upload.

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