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  1. hey guys, hahahaha TopHat was telling me how everyone was wondering where i was. i told that i am getting sucked into gaming, which is the truth. i still have PDN and am too cheap to buy photoshop. I also told him to scare you guys a little and say i went over to photoshop . So ya...this was all a cruel joke ^_^. the forums are always awesome, if i start using pdn more, then ill post again, or if i have some spare time. ill try and be around a little today, C ya well, ill see the replies too
  2. ok, i just think that d.a was trying to stop a big argument early, i can see it gaining more people and taking away from rate a sig
  3. i didnt mean to criticize you, i just thought using a tut in a sig takes away from your sig...sorry
  4. anyway, anberlin is good, but i love that certain sound that Skillet has i think ive rated yours but anyway, since it flows well 9/10
  5. sorry, i dont like milky bars much, and it reminds me of Bugster on chocolate :shock: , but its still cool so 8/10
  6. What's wrong with using a tutorial? Saying you shouldn't use a tutorial is like saying you shouldn't use any of the knowledge you acquired in school because you didn't figure it out for yourself. It jut doesn't make sense. Who cares if I used a tutorial or not. theres nothing wrong with using a tutorial, but i think that sigs should be your own work and your own style, its fine to use a tutorial, but if i were to use one i would try and hide it a little better, all im saying is that i believe sigs should be your own work
  7. sorry but i can see a tutorial at work in your sig, and a stock photo takes up some space so...7/10
  8. [45] Computer Graphics [30] Film [70] Music [15] Traditional Painting [45] Traditional Drawing i wanna see a shootout between Graphics and Music
  9. Completely agree, the blue is awesome VV i love your work, i also like the animation on your sig, and the metal is pretty awesome 9.5/10
  10. [60] Computer Graphics [50] Film [55] Music [50] Performance Arts [40] Traditional Painting [55] Traditional Drawing [30] Writing Hurt and Heal, figures...
  11. that was actually the first thing i did, but then i felt lazy, and i had hw, and i dont have time to make a new fractal edit it...and all the other fun stuff
  12. JEEZ explaining all that to your mom over the phone :shock: :shock: i feel sorry for you, my teacher asks me a lot for help, she didnt know how to open a zip file, but explaining all that, ....wow i cant spell for the life of me, my AIM status is "al badd spelerz ov teh warld...UNTIE!!!" Rant for today, stupid vocab tests that i have to study for every week, exact definition and spelling of the word
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