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  1. Woops, didn't realize we were going by a modified american grading system... Clicky
  2. [b-] Sight [B] Feel [b-] Hear [b-] Taste [C-] Smell First of all, people get along fine without sight/hearing. I am fine with taste. Smells generally bother me. But I always love to feel whatever there is to, the grass, a basketball, anything.
  3. Half of me thinks that he is just doing this to see our responses..
  4. News...?: http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid= ... refer=home
  5. If you are a low-riding loser I reccommend the following: Chris Brown Run It Yo With You Kiss Kiss Wall to Wall 50 Cent Ayo Technology Disco Inferno Best Friend Hate it or Love it* How we do* * = Featuring The Game
  6. The Killer Angels - Michael Shaara. I highly reccommend this book to anyone that wants to have an amazing description of Gettysburg.
  7. [30] Computer Graphics [20] Film [85] Music [35] Traditional Drawing
  8. Are there really going to be any strict guidlines for tuts.. Like here it has to be an intersting affect, that hasn't been done one thousand times. With there be a less strict tutorial writing rule?
  9. Also, depending on the skill level, some of the locked tutorials might be a good starter if the normal ones are too hard... basically most locked ones take a few steps from a tutorial and claim that it is amazing... but for children it might just be!
  10. Are you using the beta? If so you cannot be gaurenteed help until a stable release comes out.
  11. Look through the locked tutorials in that section... they are generally condsidered too simple, but might be good for the age group you are teaching (...which is?)
  12. Exactly what age group are they...? I'm sure we can narrow down the tutorials easily in terms of expertise and present many good ones.
  13. [55] Cartoons [50] Computer Graphics [50] Film [15] Flash [70] Music [55] Performance Arts [50] Traditional Painting [50] Traditional Drawing [20] Sculpture [35] Writing
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