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  1. I have updated the pack with Alpha Blur v2. Note that this is not directly a "fix" for problems described above by Aislin (that is actually natural behaviour in situation where transparent area contains no RGB data). But the new Shift control might help in this kind of situation.
  2. Tanel,

    I downloaded your plug in and tried it.. I set the primary color to #000000, secondary is #ffffff. I keep getting the color #3B3B3A replacing the red-eye. Ideas?

  3. Just updated my plugin-pack. See 1st post, download and have fun!
  4. I suspect that the crashes are caused by some combination of system config and/or version of .NET framework and/or Paint.net itself. The plugin just uses PdN's native gaussian blur and makes some math. No direct memory handling or anything cyptic. It could be useful to see more system spec and details about plugin setting that triggered the crash. Anyway I haven't succeeded to crash it myself on any machine with XP, .NET framework 3.5 SP1 and Pdn 3.5.5.
  5. I am unable to replicate or fix such memory problems. Can you try wether the previous version works? Download old version here.
  6. are you using plugin version 3.1 (check the Help tab)? This works fine with PdN v3.5.5
  7. This plugin removes animal eyeshine from photos caused by direct flash. Download here Eyeshine.zip Recommended workflow: 1) Use color picker :ColorPicker: to spot the color to be fixed. 2) Make a circle selection around eye pupil (a little larger than pupil size). Work only with one eye at a time, as there is usually color variations between them and it is harder to find proper settings for both eyes together. 3) Start the „Eyeshine Removal“ plugin from Effects > Photo. 4) Drag the color wheel controls until the shiny eye pupil is precisely covered with b
  8. This not bad really. I would like to see all the plugins named something_Alpha_something together there.
  9. The problem was PdN's native gradient controls which are no more available for plugins. So I had to copy that part of code from PdN into my plugin.
  10. Update posted. Fixed compatibility of Color Mixer and Color to Alpha with PdN 3.5 beta.
  11. I have Color Mixer for that. I need to fix compatibility with PdN 3.5 beta but it works fine under 3.36.
  12. Latest version of my plugins (released 2008-12-24) should work fine.
  13. Well, the code itself is not particularly elegant nor educative. Most part of the rendering is just brutal math, without comments about ongoing. That's because I modelled the effect in Excel and just translated the formulas into C#. Anyway, here is the rough description of the process. 1. Blur the image from src to dst 2. Calculate the brightness of blurred pixels on dst 3. Define a tone curve for brightening/darkening 4. Calculate the amount of brightening/darkening needed for particular pixel, by evaluating the blurred pixel value in relation to the tone curve 5. Apply brightening/dark
  14. Thanks pyrochild! Control state recalling works well. However, the UI now crashes PdN at certain situation: 1. Open Curves+ (Do nothing in curves panel) 2. Select "Advanced" from drop-down list (Do nothing in curves panel) 3. Select "Luminosity" or any other item from the same (upper) drop-down list again =Crash! This text file was created because Paint.NET crashed. Please e-mail this file to crashlog@getpaint.net so we can diagnose and fix the problem. Application version: Paint.NET v3.36 (Final Release build 3.36.3158.38068) Time of crash: 11.01.2009 11:10:07 Application uptim
  15. That was really quick update, but will you share us the goodies too? :wink:
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