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  1. So I bought myself a pair of jeans the other day. Bright red women's skinny jeans that fit perfectly (only $15!). Seriously, the guy's section is so boring. I'm not g**, I just want a better color palette when I go out >_> ..and that's my "off topic" post of the day. EDIT: wait...has the PDN forums always censored that word? Heh...
  2. So I'm going to a Radiohead concert in less than a month (finally going back on tour!) ....but yet, despite their undisputed influence and legacy, I'm almost more hyped about another concert I'll be attending the week after. It's a little band called Of Montreal coming to town. They're my girlfriend's favorite band ever, so that kinda means that I have to like them, too But in all reality, they're seriously good at what they do. Why am I so hyped? They're known for having some of the craziest concerts imaginable, something a cross between crazy dance-bowie-electro-pop, a play, and something else that nobody expects. WARNING: As I recall, this forum isn't very fond of cursing, so listen at your own "risk" If you dare, I highly encourage you to listen to the lyrics! This band always makes me happy with their comical but screwed up stories
  3. I guess this would be a good place to shamelessly self-promote myself... In the past few years, I've gotten into music (listening and creating). Here's a quick-n-dirty assortment of my spare-time experiments: Strobe- Less than 24 hours old, this is one of the coolest things I've ever made. Sonically, it's nothing amazing, but what's cool is what I used to make it. The glitch effects put on the percussion and the wah-wah effect were all controlled by my wireless PS3 controller in real-time (it took like 4 different programs and a little programming to set that up). I can go into the details if anybody wants. 3am- This is the result of hours of musical frustration. I gave myself a limit of 10 minutes and one recording take; if I couldn't produce anything within those restraints, it's bedtime (it was 3am). The result was pretty neat One-Eyed Jack's- I made this while in a bar downtown, where there was a graphic design/marketing conference thing going on. I had my mic on and putting glitch effects to keep it interesting. Hint: one of my favorite parts is the segment of 45-1:20. Not amazing, but was tons of fun to make.
  4. @Sfifer: I guess it depends more on personal preference. I think my parents spelled it that way because it's faster to spell.
  5. So umm, I just found this: http://andrew.thenewhive.com/drawonme That + Paint.NET = lots of potential
  6. Seeing how I never contributed to this thing before, I thought I'd throw in my 2 cents. It's hard to say "favorite movie, ever," but it's much easier to pick favorites in categories. A lot of this is pretty cliche, but hey, a good film is a good film. Favorite... Cute film to watch with your significant other: Spirited Away Action flick to mess with your perception of time: Memento Piece of pure art to stress out to: Black Swan Movie to watch a second time: Fight Club Film where you love all the characters even though none of them are good: Pulp Fiction Documentary (or Rockumentary?): Meeting People Is Easy (Radiohead) Movie that makes you so sad you want to die: Dancer In The Dark Foreign WTF film that makes you say "awwww": I'm a Cyborg But That's OK --------- On a related note, I watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind last night (yeah, I'm late). I enjoyed it, my girlfriend hated it. We concluded that the movie is basically "Chris Nolan makes a romantic comedy".
  7. Hmm, let's go through these in lightning mode: @BB: Hah, I just may, we'll see @welsh: You'd be correct. Stephen Lynch had some awesome stuff (haven't listened to his stuff in years, though). @d.a: Nice to hear! I happen to have a lot more free time now that I just finished this semester's finals. @Rick: Reznor is right up there with Aphex Twin in my book. They make strangely awesome study music o_O @sfifififfer: Yeahh, that was a combination of my laziness and lack of decent picture To make up for that, here's what I really look like: Here's two more pictures from an alternate reality where I act more sexy than I am. @HELEN: Depends if I can get back into the swing of things and fit it in my schedule. One of the things that resulted in my silence was how I ended up losing my grip on actual PDN stuff (as in, not checking out the tutorials or plugins and stopped posting to the Pictorium).
  8. Ooh, status updates. How fancy...

  9. So, it's been about three, maybe four years since I've been active on this forum. School kinda got in the way and I had no free time. Oh, and I guess me getting Photoshop also kinda contributed to that. Either way, it's been FOREVER. No idea if any old members still hang around here (CMD? pyro? BB?), but it'd be neat to see who is Anyway, I wanted to let you guys (and Rick) know that I'm still alive and very much benefiting from the years I spent at this forum. As of now, I'm in college as a graphic/web design major. You really have no idea how much this forum changed me. Had it not been for this awesome community, there is no chance I would've ever gotten to this point. So yeah, THANKS A TON, PEOPLES! sidenote: Rick, you're the reason I listen to Nine Inch Nails, too
  10. Your link here is dead. Is there a newer place you can link to? Frustrating not knowing how to proceed for a noobie.

  11. Thanks Rick for messing up my day... All I wanted was to log in, make a quick post, leave, and get back to life; but NO. You have to throw this fancy new forum in my face so I can spend over half an hour clicking around going "oooh" Thanks, Rick, I hope you crash your BMW. Also, nice forum
  12. Um... hi there... I got the email about the new forum, neglected it, and decided to check it out now. Nice Also, welcome The Bird! I wish you good karma and a prosperous life on these forums!
  13. um.... hello So Friday, to start off the break, a me and a group of friends went bowling (the Boardwalk Bowl for the Orlando peoples in the forum). Someone said "you know, we need a dance for when we get a strike" and I said "I already have one..." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qdm_fAAYoXI Yes, that's me (not my youtube) XD
  14. OMfrigginG... that was very... inetersting o_O Phantom of the Opera meets glam rock meets constapation. The randomness overpowers the sane moments for me, so I have to rate that 6.5/10 because they played with heart Now, here's a rather acoustic song called Videotape by Radiohead. I was playing it for a few friends yesterday, thought I'd keep spreading it around http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0MI3gtaqfY
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