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  1. This plugin is great Simon, thank you so much for this. I've been using is mostly for animated PNG so far. Request: Can you make the delay between frames longer? I've made an animated PNG that goes through a bunch of photographs, but even using the maximum length for delay between frames, it still goes through way too fast. Thanks again and keep up the great work!
  2. Here's another 16 converted from GIMP. Once I finish with them all, I will put them together in one package and clear up my posts to keep it simple. GIMP.zip
  3. Here is the whole set from the animated hsparks flame-like brush from GIMP. There are 9 images within this set. Get creative. EDIT: Updated hsparks set. EDIT: Added entire vine set. EDIT: Added entire SketchBrush set. EDIT: I added all 3 sets together so that I could add an example screenshot to this post without having to create another post. SketchBrush-hsparks-vine.zip
  4. Here are 10 tested and working GIMP brushes. Open with 7-Zip. I will do more later. EDIT: Added ZIP archive as an alternative to 7z as suggested by pyrochild. Both archives contain the same 10 brushes. Most of the other GIMP brushes contain multiple brushes because they are animated. I could extract them, but it would be pretty pointless without the animation functionality. Custom Brushes.7z Custom Brushes.zip
  5. These 3 are converted from GIMP 2.4 brushes and work perfectly. Vine, Fire and Pepper. EDIT: I have just about converted all of them to PNG, so I will upload an archive at some point that contains all of them from GIMP (except the .vbr files). If anybody knows how to convert them, let me know.
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