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  1. Nicely crafted desktop, Dan! Out of curiosity, are the large labels at the bottom part of the desktop background? And, have you achieved the matching arrows on the expanded toolbar by assigning a toolbar background? However you did it, it is a clever piece of work. --- Edit: Since this is the 'Post Your Desktop Thread', I suppose I might post one of mine. My Ubuntu desktop--fairly simple:
  2. Hey, David! Glad to see you too. =) An admirable try, sir. Here, have a glass of port--
  3. Aye, same deal for me--out with the old bookmark, in with the new. It certainly will take getting used to, but from taking a preliminary spin around, the new board seems to be much nicer. (Aside from the color scheme.) The number of new emoticons is staggering! ? ... ! Yes, Myrrdin is a bit of a rarity on the internet nowadays. =) So, to save myself (and perhaps Myrddin as well) a good deal of time, does anyone feel like summarizing the last few months of forum activity into a paragraph or two?
  4. Crumbs, everything has changed! This is a surprise.
  5. A nice idea, however, if I recall correctly, I believe Rubrica doesn't have any special desire to meet women... :wink:
  6. I'm sorry to hear that. Hopefully he'll see reason; if not, you can certainly find another way to express yourself. Perhaps you could remind him that 400 years ago, knitting was a man's trade! By the way—awesome tidings, to hear that there will be a Mrs. Atwell. I'm very glad for you, David.
  7. Tricky; depends on the context. I'll take white. Milk chocolate or dark chocolate?
  8. Nice theme. But if Myrddin enters, this competition is over. P.S.—a more apt title: "SOTW Discussion: #30 is ready to crumble!" Sorry 'bout that. No, Vista? has not hacked my account. :wink:
  9. I can remember two amusing epitaphs: "Stranger, tread this ground with gravity Dr. Brown has filled his last cavity" "Here lies Butch We buried him raw He was quick to the trigger But slow to the draw"
  10. What, why do ya' say so? 2,297E06% completed... looks like it's almost done. <_<
  11. Ahh, I'm late to reply. Thanks everyone for your congratulations.
  12. Awesome, nice present! Do I have to wait until tomorrow to open it? (Which reminds me of The Hobbit: Birthdays being a day to give presents.) Have a great day, BoltBait.
  13. Ahh, I figured it out: By the board's time, it's Nov. 3. In my time zone, it's still Nov. 2. Happy birthday, then!
  14. Cool idea. I claim g-2! Kemaru: Very nice clouds.
  15. Odd... when I was logged out, I saw, "Congratulations to: Boltbait, Ego Eram Reputo, ...". Now, just logged in, I see neither. :?:
  16. On the whole OS discussion thing: Oh, I see: Vista isn't so terribly bad; Windows 7 is better. Does anyone know what program compatibility issues there may be to Windows 7 yet? I dual–boot Ubuntu also—good fun! And the interface: Finally a system that supports themes, which can be made by anyone! I do miss a few programs while using it. (Actually, to wrap my mind around a completely different setup is probably a good thing now and then.) Also, I have been impressed by the number of open–source programs available: often there is an open–source equivalent to most any program that one misses.
  17. My machine runs Vista. When using it, I've encountered a few minor quirks here and there, but overall it's been a stable and strong system. Are others having trouble?
  18. Ahh; you surprised me for a moment there. In other news, was anyone able to see debris from Halley's Comet last night? The sky was clouded here.
  19. Verily; dual booting OS X and Windows is possible, but can only be done on Apple machines.
  20. There is a spider crawling on this board. It appears to be of the Baidu kind.
  21. Also, if you're planning on printing, I'd advise that you make sure the resolution of the image you create is better than 96 pixels/inch (300 is a standard printing resolution). (Perhaps you already have done so.)
  22. Wow—it's been a while since I've stopped into the Pictorium, and I'm glad I did; your technique for "glossies" is excellent, HELEN! Especially the spheres. =) A very nice gallery, indeed.
  23. The "RetroSpheres" are neat; do you use the Kaleidoscope plugin for them? Also, was "Universal Concept" created entirely in Paint.NET? I think it's stunning.
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