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Thanks a lot for the comments on the panda, I really appreciate that! :)

(I realised, though, that I've posted the one, on which I hadn't finished the eyes and nose yet :b If anyone should have the interest, theres a link to the finished one here: http://i221.photobucket.com/albums/dd224/Triiiine/redigerede%20billeder/panda_02.png )

Welshblue: That looks great! Very nice textures, I especially like the wood and the rusty part of the lock - very cool.

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Trine: I don't really notice much of a difference in the second piece, except for the eyes.

But overall i think it looks pretty good. The fur looks great.

Heres a New SpaceScape That i made. Im probably most proud of this one.

No tutorials followed on this one.

This is all my own idea's.

Oh By the way i don't use S3D in case you were wondering.


Oh and here's where i was exactly a month ago.


I think im coming along quite well. :lol:

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Mayor_MacSteeze: The only thing changed in the version I linked to, is the eyes, nose and mouth - I just accidentally uploaded the not entirely finished version first ;)

The texture and the light on your planet is really cool. And compared to the other one, it's way better! You've got light and shadows now, and the planet looks round. The edges on the left side of the fog/clouds/whatever and between the planet and the top left clouds look a little odd, though. They look sort of sharp and defined compared to the right side.

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:D very nice mcSteeze, it fits into the background excellently, but some of the edges of your nebula look a bit cut out.

@CSM- I think he is trying to make it look like the nebula is going around the planet.

Heres my latest piece, Solace and Misfortune



100% Paint.net

"I'm the evil fairy witch. Since I'm so evil, I'm locking this pointless thread" -Pyrochild

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@ WB, :shock: That is so very cool ! The textures are amazing, so realistic and so old looking. Wow, how in the heck do you do these things? I think you are using a time machine or something. You go to the hardware store and buy some stuff and then jump into the future to see it when it's gotten really really old and rusty. That's go to be it.

@ Mayor, you are really getting better and so fast too ! I really like this one. The blue's are great in it. I do have to agree that it looks like you are fading or erasing the planet. There are some really good tuts out there that will help you on this. Other than that, great job !

@ Falken, Great job ! I love it. I agree that the planet and moon could be larger, but still, great spacescape.

@ CSM, Nice fractal in Apophysis. I love that program, it creates some really beautiful stuff. Try some blend mods on your planet to get it to settle into the over all piece. It's a little too harsh for the fractal. Still, looks really good.

@ Barbieq, OMG ! That is so beautiful. Reminds me of a Star Trek insignia of some kind. Very pretty.

This is something I was playing around with for an event poster. I've not finished the poster yet, but I thought the laptop was funny. WARNING: Do not count the keys ! (I lost count, heh :oops: )



SAC, WOTW and Photo Manip Competition Host

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I don't usually post much in the umbrellas thread, but I wanted to comment on this piece. Overall, good atmosphere, good space scene, and I like how the planet looks fractured. I'm thinking that more debris from the planet would add to the realism of this piece.

Unfortunately, what is killing this image is the eraser portion of the nebula. Rather than using blending modes and gradients, you used eraser and it left its telltale signs. Don't be discouraged, I think you are progressing.

Officially retired from this forum. Have a nice day.

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Thanks everyone for the comments on THe Gate Jewel. It did remind me too of the Star Trek insignia. I love Star Trek.

Mayor M, yep once you get the layer blends down pat you will make the most amazing space scenes. You're doing so very well.


Knowledge is no burden to carry.


April Jones, 2012

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