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@Chrisco: That is a very good first spacescape, I wish I could have had a first spacescape like that, unfortunatley mine was just a pink blob and some white dots around it, im looking forward to seeing what kind of spacescape you are capable of.

@Nictarquini: Nice image, although the pinkish-purple thing does look a bit out of place near a blue planet, mabye you could try using Hue/Saturation to change it to a blue colour?

This is my first attempt at a non-100% paint.net spacescape (The planet texture was a screenshot from google maps.)


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I am kinda new to paint.net and saw a lot of planets and space stuff, so decided to make a planet myself :D

I was just messing with some tools and then I got something which kinda looked like a sun, so I tried some more tools and edited some stuff and heres the result :D

100% paint.net btw :D

Hope you like it, because I do :D

(Didnt think I could create something like this LOL)


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Very nice work! Welcome to the forum! Hope to see a lot more from you.

Thank you very much :D

I also have the same image but I changed the layer property, now it looks more like the sun shines from within. (Dunno how to explain properly though:P)

I dont know which one looks better, I would like to know, because I am going to expand this image add some more planets and stars or whatever, and going to make a nice windows background out of it :D

So this one, or the one in my previous post?



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Roell: It' cool :) Well, they look different. On the first one, it looks like the light is coming from behind the planet/sun, but the second one looks like it's shining itself.

Since it seems everyone is doing planets and spacescapes at the moment, I figured I'd show one of mine as well :D


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Trine0: I like it! The colors all match, but the angle on the moon is a bit off, and in my opinion (as usual), there's too many nebulae. One thing I really love about the planets are that they have realistic textures, which is very hard to make. The light is perfect, especially the reflection (which again, is always hard to grasp). 9.999 (repeating)/10

...wait, is that possible? 9.999 (repeating), or is it 10? :/ hmmmmmmm...

EDIT: There's a wikipedia article on it right here. So far there's no real answer (A.K.A. still debated)

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Looks sweet falken, I luv that you used that purple color :D

Dunno if its to soon for me to post anything because there havent been much replies or anything but here I am again :D

Ok So I am going to make this windows background as I said before, The first planet / object / sun thing is done. I picked my second creation (See previous page)

I am trying to make a new planet object each day So I can add it to the big picture :D

I kinda tried to make an earth like planet, but not earth because I am going for an unknown galaxy thing.

It looks pretty decent imo, but I still have a feeling it isnt complete YET

Please tell me what you think of it, and also please give ideas or sugestions about what to change about this picture, thanks :D

Anyway here it is:


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I like the light coming from the background but some parts aren't smooth (In my opinion.) , like here:


Was the black clouds/noise on purpose? Last thing, the texture is a little cartoony.

I'd like to see the finishing picture though. Good luck!

By the way, are you making all the planets individually then copy and pasteing them on to the bigger one? Just a suggestion, if you do that, watch out about the lighting. For example, in this one, the light is coming from behind and is coming up through the top left, if you have another planet to the left of this one, make sure it comes from the right and above (unless there's another star).

Example #2: http://i283.photobucket.com/albums/kk293/himself22/yhsjjie-35.png Click!

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