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  1. bye guys and gals i'll be offline for some weeks cause of vacation and exams exc...
  2. Just recieved(?) the new chelsea home outfit and preordered/ordered the away shirt the home shirt is really thin and not very well designed but i love it anyway
  3. eeh congrats csm? i think you win? i dont know..
  4. #Aislin, your second picture is nicely done love the outcome of the girl tho the lighting is abit off it looks like the girl is floating in the air if you get me?... #Nic great idea nice job tho it needs abit of work
  5. ahrg.. i allso want to see it too.. my friends just cancelled our apointment to watch it tomorrow.. i dont wonna be a weirdo sitting alone in the cinema... + Congratz with the mid-term exam:)
  6. Seriously? It's a competition, and then you get offended by that...
  7. they both look nice. tho not your best.. 7.5/10 + 7/10 ... rate current
  8. naarh.. not badly... but it could be nice.. i dont allways vote for myself..
  9. wow didnt notice that ive got that many votes thank you guys .. so the poll ends some time today.. everything can happen.. uuueh..
  10. sadly.. You can't change the the brush type in PDN like you can in photoshop. i also wanted this effect...
  11. i would rather like a Scater effect in smudge... takes a time when you have to create several layers of smudge to get the photoshop effect.. but just take your time ...
  12. hehe i voted for my self .. so me plus 2.. and theres now 4 people leading.. its gonna be hard to find a new theme xD...
  13. i meant 3 people leading at the moment..
  14. 3 leaders at the moment .. thanks to the 2 people who voted for me
  15. It looks like 3 different pictures instead of 1... 2 new sigs this and my current...
  16. 5 hour school day cause of the end of the WW2
  17. Mathtest is better then what im preparing for... German Exams ... when i speak german i forget what i should say... but when im writing essays and exc. it comes to me from the open sky... wish i was born in germany or atleast in slesvig-holstein... :S you should'nt read this!... now you are warned.. its a consperacy theory... (which was danish back in the days untill our crazy incest king cost us half of Denmark.. aah the danish history is interesting, we allways win in the beginning and then we loose to germany and then we win abit but then we loose to germany, then we think france is the winner but then we get pwned my russia and germany and england... then we win again but then germany takes over the control of denmark... but now its going great again, Denmark won the football EU championship in 1992.. so now im really scared that germany will invade us.. again...thats why ive build a bunker in my garden, they say im crazy they do! but who's crazy when they buuurn.. buuurn.. buuurn!! (whahahha..) and i just sits in my bunker eating cookies and drinking tee made from oakleaves!!)
  18. im huuungry! but just ordered a Family Pizza + 1┬ŻL coke (cause im too lazy to get it my self)(you have to order for more then 110DKR./30$!...)
  19. OH MY GOOOOD. OMG OMG OMG!! 2votes im happy. I allmost reached nirvana..(just kidden)...xD... I allso like Possums, its simplistic and fun.. and i really love the Possum great job:) possums current gets me at CoCo Puffs, (tho ive found a very cheap and tasty alternative:))
  20. if you can't afford 20$ for a movie, then theres something wrong with your budget... ...
  21. hmm.. its rather cheap i think.. cause the dollar dosent cost that much anymore...
  22. im not sure but MS Sharepoint? YEAH! liverpol - chelsea 0-2!! nice match, (better then the spurs match!)
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