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  1. Maximum The Hormone - Houchou, Hasami, Katta-, Knife, --- http://www.stage6.com/LULU-Street/video/1362273/Maximum-The-Hormone---Houchou,-Hasami,-Katta-,-Knife,----
  2. I customize domestic cars and trucks so domesticfix it was ..
  3. I think I'm going to try a different image with a lot more clarity . The detail is way to defused in the original . It was very hard getting all them shots with moving clouds I'll be back . Thanks for this awesome tut ..
  4. Now that's terminology I can understand . I'm a rookie photographer just getting started and paint.net is a outstanding editing tool . Very easy even in raw . Just a amazing program used by many photographers world wide .
  5. Thanks for this plug in !! Works great . I like it better in paint.not rather than the eos supplied loader . Is there a way to view the raw images in the thumbnails ?
  6. Yes . I'm thinking this will work . I'm just unfamiliar with the clone tool . I'm sure I can find a how to in here some where .. Thanks !!!!
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