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Good starfield. 27/35

Very realistic clouds. 29/35

I like the white dwarfs (correct me if they aren't white dwarfs). 9/10

Planet, however, not so much. IMO it's a little too extreme on the lighting. But kudos on the texture, it's nice. 11/20

Total: 76/100


(PS cool rating system huh??)



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Goonfella, you know what's good, you know you're awesome :lol:

So I'm gonna skip straight to the criticism...

The perspective seems off -- you oughtta use guides to make sure it's accurate -- it's not bad, but just seems a bit inconsistent to me.

Also, I would try to work on a more focused light source -- from what I can tell it ought to be coming from above, yet the text on the radio has shadows indicating it's coming from below.

Also, the vignetting looks very nice, though it also misleads me in my search for light direction.

Just a couple things you might want to think about :)

Totally awesome piece overall -- excellent colors and you did an awesome job with the irregular 3Dness of it all - very nice 8)

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Great work Goonfella, I like the perspective even though and just want to comment on 007 Nab 's comment,

The floor is 3-vanishing points but because of unnoticeable vertical lines (except the back wall and it is a plane surface and has no any details) therefore it could be considered also as 2- vanishing points perspective, and the radio is a 2-vanishing points perspective object also so it is compatible with the background in somehow, it just needs a very slight correction on the right point especially the face, but the point is that the background has a very strong perspective effect (short focal length) but the radio has far focal, but rotating the radio off the tiled floor was a very clever touch from Goonfella that really eliminated the confusion.

But with all that I see the image is awesome, and really like to hear your point view 007 Nab to see what I am missing, I hope Goonfella won't mind.

Oh, one more thing, I am not seeing a specific source of light the ambient has an uniform light from all directions that's why he didn't put any shadow to the radio that was another clever thinking, so the shadow of the text is like a semi-shadow with high blur effect and that is the right effect with this light condition , that is why Goonfella is awesome as you stated and you are right :D .

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@ CSM, Very nice! Great idea for a still life. I love the idea of the news paper rolled up on the table.

@ Helen, I think I commented somewhere, but this is your best piece yet. Simply beautiful! Very good use of the smudge tool. It's sometimes a difficult tool to use and you have done so flawlessly.

@ Goonie, Great image! I was really impressed with the 2D version but this is just amazing. The texture of the wood, the detail on the radio, the reflection, the color scheme all are very classy. Very well done!

@ Falken I really like the texture of both the planet and the moon. The starfield is really nice too. If you added some colorful gaseous nebula clouds in the starfield it would be a completely awesome image.

This is a bug I made last week. It's a robotic ladybird beetle. (thumb links to a really large image)



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I like all of these but the pencil and paper is the best.Excellent 3D work.

I think the bottom part of the burger bun seems a bit flat but otherwise it`s nice. Cheeseburger & chips for tea tonight ! :lol:

The table is great although I keep thinking that the wood needs a bit more texture to really finish it off.

All in all a nice selection of pictures. Nice one csm725 :wink:



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@Oma - Thanks so much, I appreciate the feedback!

@Goonfella - Thanks! Yeah, as I said somewhere else (I think it was my gallery), the burger was a distraction from the Table Series, so I just threw it together, it is after all a WIP. I will incorporate all of the feedback I have recieved into v3.0 of it.

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Thanks a lot for the response! I've done some coloring and stuff, but this is the first painting I've made from schratch (:

It's really very good. Very nice image over all. I did notice that the horse is missing an ear. Have you tried using the gradient tool to do some of the shading and hi-lites? You also might try using a blur on some of the colors to soften the edges so the transition between the colors is softer and more subtle. Looking forward to seeing more from you.

This is something I did last week.

Mister Sunshine



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