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  1. Beautiful picture Olav , it is amazing for being 100% paint.net. PyschoHarmonic- Nice one, that glow is pretty sweet. A pretty damn good piece for a new Pdner Haven't been on this forum for a while . Here are some of my pieces that I've got on deviantart: All 100% paint.net
  2. Thanks for the comments guys, really appreciated Here's a WIP for a realistic planet Im making:
  3. Nice planets The glow actually looked pretty good on the first one, I think what Leron was trying to say was that there is no lighting on it yet. Here's a very quick demonstration on how I do lava planets I usually find the best way to create lava planets is to have 2 textures, one for the rock: And one for the little lava cracks: Use shape3D on them separately and make the cracks visibly show up in the dark areas of the planet. Play around with the settings a bit and maybe add some glow to the lava Hope this helps
  4. Congrats Yellowman, and Hexratt, those temple things are a nice idea
  5. Awesome Welshblue, love the background, is it an edited version of another day gone? those muted out colours give a nice atmosphere. (I've already Faved it on Deviantart) Here is my most recent spacescape, Don't Fail Me Now:
  6. Just plain beautiful <-(Green with envy). The background is stunning and the planets are perfect I just love the little planet-(did some of the texture come from an Australia satellite image?)
  7. Very sweet looking image , the only problem I have with it at the moment is the bottom glow, it looks way too bright and draws all of the attention away from the other planet.
  8. Yeah, I've never been able to make lone nebulae, I normally just add them in with the stars . Wait, why rings?
  9. You're making some nice progress with your nebulae , keep on at it Jerry (I especially like the red one). Lots of layers and blending modes like overlay and screen are very important when creating a nebula.
  10. Nice new sig Flip , looking very crisp. I just don't like those little dots, they don't fit in very much with the rest of it.
  11. Congrats Sharp, haven't seen you post for a while I'll enter with my current:
  12. Finally, Finished After around 8 hours of working on this piece I'm itching to get onto something else Layer count: over 35 100% paint.net
  13. Whoops, sorry about that Kemaru, I didn't realize no one commented on your work. I love how the light on the ball actually looks realistic, it starts off red then loses it's colour gradually, I also love how the yellow in the background brings the ball out of the picture and gives it some depth. Did you create that lighting manually, or did you use shape 3-D to create it?
  14. Thanks for the criticism and comments guys, really appreciated . On the empty space - I'll get round to putting something in there in the finalized image, maybe some clouds or a nebula, it still has a long way to go to becoming completed. @Himself: Sure, go ahead
  15. Nice looking clouds jerkfight , although some bits on the edges look like they have been smudged too much. 100% paint.net, Still a WIP
  16. Man, that is one sweet lightbulb kemaru, it has an awesome feel to it-though would the glass have a reflection when its turned on? My latest image: Lost in the mist 100% paint.net
  17. I'll enter with my current as well (EDIT) Whoops, the other battle hasnt finished Weylin: 3 KevinB: 0 I love the gold bars on weylins, kind of reminds me of barbieq's style. Kevins is nice as well, but mabye he should put it on a black background, you cant really see the yellow glow. #Winner Weylin
  18. My entry: Formation 5 100% paint.net
  19. That is possibly the best spacescape for a first post i have ever seen , keep on at it solstyce, you could become a really skilled artist. The shadow is a little too sharp, and shouldn't the sun be adjusted to the left a bit? Other than that your picture is awesome . A simple way to create a spacescape background is to render clouds on a top layer, use a bit of curves for colour, distort it a bit and set the blend mode to screen. check out the spacescape tutorials around the forum for inspiration (heres a good one: Link) My latest spacescape:
  20. That lighting and floor texture are perfect *Drools The only flaw that I can make out is the jagged edges on the text. Seriously awesome lighting. New spacescape A lonely Day
  21. I Agree with Chrisco, very nice image Yellowman, especially the moon texture My latest spacescape: No Time For Miracles
  22. Nice concept , but the edges look blurry, and the 3-D doesn't have any shadows. 6.5/10
  23. Very nice, the render fits in perfectly with the background, and not many sigs have good render-background flow. (New sig and avy set )
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