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FFT / IFFT Effect

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I feel like this is ready to be released into the wild:!339757&authkey=!AJ0aYSIXTh_4Jhs&ithint=folder%2ctxt

(Copy the files "ArgusPaintNet.FTT.dll" and "ArgusPaintNet.Shared.dll" and the folder "NativeBinaries" to the "" folder)



This Plugin contains 4 effects related to Fast Fourier Transform and Signal Processing in the Frequency Domain:


1. Transform->Fast Fourier Transform: Transforms either intensity image or one of the channels (R,G,B ) to and from the frequency domain. The transformed image contains the magnitude information in the R and G values and the phase information in the B value (which basically means: don't change the B value of any pixel too much are at all if you want to get a meaningful result when transforming back).

If you want to get a meaninful result when transforming back, there are two limitations: 1. Don’t change the B component (the phase information is important), 2. Non-rectangular Selections won’t work.


2. Signal Processing->Low Pass Filter: The same as using the transform effect, removing (setting to black or transparent) all pixel outside a rectangle around the center and transforming back only this is faster, more accurate (less information is lost) and easier to control


3. Signal Processing->High Pass Filter: The same as using the transform effect, removing all pixels inside a rectangle around the center and transforming back (again, faster, more accurate, easier controlled)


5. Signal Processing->Band Pass Filter: Combination of Low and High Pass Filter.


Example: FFT



Example images (high pass filtered, adjusted and blended together):




The plugin actually uses the FFTW library (, I have not written the transformation code myself (mainly for performance reasons)

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