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  1. null54

    .BMX file type?

    From what I can find on Google that animation format is a BMP file with a different file extension. Try changing the file extension to .BMP, and see if that allows Paint.NET to read it.
  2. null54

    null54's Plugin Pack (2019-01-19)

    Updated the Photoshop Pattern FileType and PSFilterPdn to the latest version.
  3. null54

    Happy Birthday Ed Harvey!

    Happy Birthday @Ed Harvey!
  4. null54

    Happy Birthday Welshblue!

    Happy Birthday @welshblue!
  5. It appears that the PSB file may be corrupt.
  6. null54

    G'MIC (1-12-2019)

    Updated to G'MIC version 2.4.5, file version updated to
  7. null54

    G'MIC (1-12-2019)

    Updated to G'MIC version 2.4.4, file version updated to
  8. null54

    The Sanctuary

    I managed to get G'MIC-Qt version 2.4.3 compiling with Visual Studio, and the Stylize filter rendering time dropped from 32 seconds to 2 seconds for the same image. 😲
  9. null54

    PSFilterPdn (2019-01-04)

    Fixed a crash when the saved settings are corrupt, reported by @MizVeve in this thread. File version updated to
  10. null54

    Happy Birthday Pixey!

    Happy Birthday @Pixey!
  11. null54

    G'MIC (1-12-2019)

    I followed the suggestion in this post and disabled OpenMP in my builds, it produced a significant improvement in the Stylize filter rendering speed. Version 1.2.1 release notes: Set the entire layer to transparent for images smaller than the layer size. Disabled OpenMP to improve the rendering speed of some G'MIC filters
  12. null54

    G'MIC (1-12-2019)

    @dipstick was referring to the Style option in the G'MIC Stylize filter UI (it is the drop down menu at the top). In that menu you would select "Custom Style (Bottom Layer)" instead of the default option "Custom Style (Top Layer)". The Stylize filter Custom Style options use the top and bottom layer to determine the image it will use as the style.
  13. null54

    G'MIC (1-12-2019)

    The second layer must be the same size as the first layer, using a selection will not work.
  14. null54

    G'MIC (1-12-2019)

    Interesting, does the G'MIC plugin for GIMP on Windows have the same issue? I wonder if G'MIC is using more multi-threading in the Linux version than on Windows.
  15. null54

    G'MIC (1-12-2019)

    The G'MIC filters that require top and bottom layers can be used in Paint.NET by copying the bottom layer onto the clipboard, the currently selected layer will be used as the top layer.