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  1. null54

    installation problem

    See the following Microsoft support page:
  2. Some Filter Factory filters require Plugin.dll that comes installed with Photoshop and other Adobe products. You will have to copy Plugin.dll from an Adobe product that installs it (such as a Photoshop trial) into the Paint.NET Effects folder.
  3. My guess is that MSVCRT10.dll is not in the Paint.NET Effects folder, this file is required by all Filter Factory filters. You can download this file from The Plugin Site. For future reference all problems with 8bf filters should be posted in the plugin thread, that way it will help others who may have the same problem.
  4. null54

    Pinta plugins

    This is a question that would be better answered on the Pinta project forum. Some parts of Pinta may have been adapted from Paint.NET 3.36, but is cannot use Paint.NET plugins without rewriting them to use its plugin API. Even if Pinta used the same plugin API as Paint.NET 3.36, it is unlikely that plugins built for Paint.NET 3.5.x and 4.0.x would work without modifications.
  5. null54

    Inches to pixels

    There is a measurement unit button on the status bar, see Measurement Units in the Paint.NET help for more information.
  6. null54

    DDS FileType Plus (2018-05-14)

    The DDS files have to be renamed to use the dds2 file extension before the plugin will load it.
  7. null54

    DDS FileType Plus (2018-05-14)

    Added BC6H to the BC7 Compression Mode description. Always use multi-threaded compression when saving. Upgraded to the May 11 2018 release of DirectXTex. File version updated to
  8. null54

    .asl files in

    No, you have to use Photoshop to read the Layer Styles.
  9. null54

    null54's Plugin Pack (2018-05-07)

    Updated the WebP filetype to the latest version.
  10. null54

    WebP Filetype (2018-05-06)

    Updated to use WebP 1.0.0. Added padding to the dialog labels. File version updated to
  11. null54

    Starter user questions

    That is the way the Paint.NET save dialog works for all formats that have options the user can configure, it can not be changed in the preferences. From the FAQ:
  12. Yes, I tested it before posting the reply. Did you place all 3 files in the Effects folder?
  13. The download for Paint.NET 3.5.4 works in 4.0.21.
  14. null54

    PdnFF (2018-04-30)

    That error should be fixed in As noted in the first post, any Filter Factory filters that do not work with this plugin can be run with PSFilterPdn. The only issue is that PSFilterPdn will re-show the dialog when a Filter Factory-based filter is run as a repeat effect.
  15. null54

    Plugin Index

    If a user follows your recommendation and installs the wrong DLL the plugin will not work. The installation instructions for all of my plugins that require native DLLs state that both the 32-bit and 64-bit DLLs should be placed in the appropriate folder with the plugin. While may not be necessary to install both DLLs from a technical perspective, it makes the instructions easier for users and reduces the number of troubleshooting messages from incorrect installation in my plugin threads (I switched static linking the Visual C++ runtime for the same reasons). If you are keeping the more verbose format the EA FSH Filetype can be changed to. FSHfiletype.dll, and one of squish_x64.dll or squish_Win32.dll Finally you can remove the references to the Visual C++ 2010 runtime from the Optimized JPEG and Soft Proofing descriptions. As I mentioned above I now use static linking because it reduces the troubleshooting messages from incorrect installation in the plugin threads.