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  1. null54

    What's next for brush factory?

    No, but I can link to a few.
  2. null54

    What's next for brush factory?

    Fixed: Handle missing directories when loading brushes I am not able to reproduce that.
  3. null54

    DDS FileType Plus (2018-11-2)

    I do not have any information about when this plugin will be integrated into Paint.NET. I added the line from the first post in this thread to the readme, and updated the project readme on GitHub.
  4. null54

    What's next for brush factory?

    Fixed: Use FileMode.Create when writing the settings Another pull request: Fix the default brush loading After reading the linked thread I am wondering if GDI+ may be converting the 32bppARGB images to 32bppPARGB as part of its internal processing. This would make sense if it is calling any GDI functions because 32bppPARGB is the only 32-bit alpha channel format that GDI supports. It also appears to be fairly well documented that GDI+ performs best when it is using 32bppPARGB, a few links below as examples. This could indicate some kind of format conversion is being skipped.
  5. null54

    What's next for brush factory?

    @Joshua Lamusga Two pull requests. Do not create unnecessary RenderArgs instances Use a ListView for brush selection
  6. null54

    PDN Icon Error

    It sounds like you may have installed the Megalo pack, which illegally bundles and redistributes plugins from this forum and is known to cause all sorts of problems. If so you should delete the contents of your Effects and FileTypes folders and run a virus scan. See the following thread for more information:
  7. null54

    What's next for brush factory?

    As mentioned above I am using the serialization that is built-in to the .NET Framework, and XML is what the DataContractSerializer uses.
  8. null54

    What's next for brush factory?

    Here is the pull request: Save the settings to a file instead of the registry I would have also submitted the ListView code, but it has conflicting changes. I have not modified any of the drawing code, so I have no idea what could be causing that. ?
  9. null54

    What's next for brush factory?

    My plan is to convert the registry settings to an XML file stored in the Paint.NET user files folder. This would allow the settings to be represented by a strongly-typed class, while letting the .NET Framework handle the conversion to/from XML.
  10. null54

    What's next for brush factory?

    @Joshua Lamusga Another pull request and a few questions. Override the On* methods instead of using event handlers I was thinking of moving the settings into a separate class to allow for storing more general settings, such as the last folder in the add brush dialog. Should the plugin store settings in the Paint.NET user files folder instead of the registry when Paint.NET is in portable mode? I have also been considering changing the "Add Folder" button in the preferences dialog to use the Vista-style folder browser, basically an Explorer open file dialog that can select folders. This would require adding a large amount of COM interop code, and even though this dialog is more user friendly I am not sure that users would browse for a folder often enough to make it worth the amount of code needed to implement it.
  11. null54

    What's next for brush factory?

    @Joshua Lamusga Two more pull requests: Reorganize the cleanup code: Store the final image as a Paint.NET Surface: I hope I am not submitting too many pull requests for minor changes.
  12. null54

    What's next for brush factory?

    I replied to your review and amended the commit to remove the interop code.
  13. null54

    What's next for brush factory?

    @TrevorOutlaw Now the crash should hopefully be fixed. No it looks like another multi-threading race condition, it amazes me how many of those I keep finding.
  14. null54

    Creating Northern Lights

    Actually the stable version of Brush Factory (1.6) can load ABR files. @Joshua Lamusga released that version on the 29th of October, but he did not create a new post to bump the topic in the list. The in-development version will load faster and be easier to use, due to changes in how the brushes are loaded and displayed. But as @welshblue stated you should save your work before using it as there may still be bugs that can cause it to crash.
  15. null54

    What's next for brush factory?

    Fixed. Also I am now including the pdb file with the effect, this should provide me with more information in the event of a crash. Both files should be placed in the Effects folder.