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  1. The Windows Store version of Paint.NET requires you to install plugins into a sub-directory of Documents/ App Files. For example Effects plugins would be places in Documents/ App Files/Effects. See Installing Plugins in the Paint.NET help for more information.
  2. null54

    Happy Birthday Oceana

    Happy Birthday @Oceana!
  3. null54

    FFT / IFFT Effect

    I recompiled the plugin for Paint.NET 4.1.1 using the source code @ArgusMagnus posted. Changes: Added a replacement PointInt32 structure to ArgusPaintNet.FFT.
  4. null54

    Edge Detection

    I recompiled the plugin for Paint.NET 4.1.1 using the source code @ArgusMagnus posted. Changes: Added a replacement VectorFloat structure to ArgusPaintNet.Shared. Changed ArgusPaintNet.EdgeDetection to get the "Stylize" menu name from the SubmenuNames class. Edge
  5. null54

    Unfinished plugins

    That control is part of PrintIt, not the OptionBased library.
  6. null54

    JPEG 2000 Filetype (2017-08-19)

    Thanks for the detailed bug report and analysis. I will most likely be changing the plugin to use the ImageMagick formula with a default quality of 85 (compression ratio of 9:1). That is exactly what JasPer does (at least the version that is currently used by this plugin).
  7. null54

    AndrewDavid Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday @AndrewDavid! 
  8. null54

    Happy Birthday MadJik!

    Happy Birthday @MadJik!
  9. null54

    WebP Filetype (2018-05-06)

    The plugin will only be called for files with a .webp extension.
  10. null54

    WebP Filetype (2018-05-06)

    I do not know, that would be a question for @Rick Brewster.
  11. null54

    DDS FileType Plus (2018-08-18)

    Upgraded to the August 17 2018 release of DirectXTex, file version updated to
  12. null54

    PSFilterPdn (2018-08-13)

    My guess is that there is some kind of race condition in the code that I use to check if a filter is running. But as I have been unable to reproduce this error I do not know what I would need to change to fix it. 😕
  13. null54

    PSFilterPdn (2018-08-13)

    I added a line that should prevent the "8bf filter" dialog from closing when a filter is running. When you say "Press OK" are you referring to the OK button in the "8bf filter" dialog?
  14. null54

    null54's Plugin Pack (2018-08-13)

    Updated PSFilterPdn to the latest version. 
  15. null54

    PSFilterPdn (2018-08-13)

    Fixed in Other changes include: Support for the Paint.NET "Dark" theme Improved performance when launching the effect dialog multiple times Settings should be remembered during the current session for most filters Additionally all filters now have access to the PICA suites, this should improve compatibility with newer filters.