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  1. This plugin requires Paint.NET 4.20.
  2. Soft Proofing (Tools Effect)

    Added support for Paint.NET's Dark theme.
  3. Base64 FileType (2016-04-02)

    Improved compatibility with Paint.NET's Dark theme, file version updated to
  4. WebP Filetype (2017-11-30)

    Improved compatibility with Paint.NET's Dark theme, file version updated to
  5. Happy Birthday Pixey!

    Happy Birthday.
  6. Floating window plugin - help

    Plugins can not change the primary and secondary colors.
  7. Webroot is another antivirus that is known to restrict access to the that folder.
  8. Unfinished plugins

    In order to save and load the setting you would have to create the dialog using Windows Forms. I posted an example of loading and saving XML settings in the following post (it is a Windows Forms version of @Red ochre's FurBlur plugin).
  9. Twainable+ (2014-05-28)

    This plugin does not modify the File - Import - from scanner or camera options (Paint.NET plugins can not modify that menu). You have to access this plugin from the Effects menu Effects->Tools->Twainable+. After you run Twainable+ it will place the scanned image on the clipboard and it can be pasted into a new image using the Edit->Paste into New Image option.
  10. Happy Birthday Zagna

    Happy Birthday Zagna!
  11. null54's Plugin Pack (2017-11-30)

    Updated the WebP filetype to the latest version. Additionally the Twainable+ Effect, Image Tiling FileType and WebP FileType are now on GitHub.
  12. WebP Filetype (2017-11-30)

    Updated to use WebP 0.6.1, file version updated to
  13. Video Gaming Thread

    Assassin's Creed Origins releases at midnight. Hopefully Nvidia will release its graphics and performance guide sometime today.
  14. There is a filetype plugin that adds support for saving 32-bit BMP files.
  15. A place to get Diffuse?

    What version of Firefox are you using? I am using the latest 32-bit ESR release (52.4.0), it may be that the underlying problem was fixed in a later release.