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  1. Video Gaming Thread

    Assassin's Creed Origins releases at midnight. Hopefully Nvidia will release its graphics and performance guide sometime today.
  2. There is a filetype plugin that adds support for saving 32-bit BMP files.
  3. A place to get Diffuse?

    What version of Firefox are you using? I am using the latest 32-bit ESR release (52.4.0), it may be that the underlying problem was fixed in a later release.
  4. A place to get Diffuse?

    The download link works in Chrome, but in Firefox it redirects to an error page.
  5. Paint.NET was not a community developed project it is Rick's project that he made source code available for. Unfortunately as @Ego Eram Reputo mentioned certain individuals would publish rip-offs ('backspaceware'), see the following posts on the Paint.NET blog.“backspaceware”/
  6. Happy Birthday....Pyrochild!

    Happy birthday.
  7. It may be a caching issue on my end, but the download link for the classic version on the Paint.NET homepage still says 4.0.17.
  8. Added. After thinking about it some more, I am not convinced that arbitrarily disabling plugin functionality based on the type of Paint.NET install is a good idea. My original reasoning was that allowing the user to add search directories would not make sense as there is no guarantee that two systems would have the same folders, but the current "portable" installs already have that issue and if a folder does not exist or gets deleted when the effect is executing my code would still have to handle that case (to quote Raymond Chen "You just have to accept that the file system can change"). Another reason was to reduce the number of writes to disk if the Paint.NET User Files is stored on a flash drive. The reason I compile against 3.5.x is that I do not want to prevent users on older OSes from using my plugins, and supporting multiple versions is too much work. The DX10 DDS file type only supports 4.0.17 and later.
  9. The site is down, but the Internet Archive has saved a copy of the plugin. Perhaps one of the Mods could attach it to the first post and remove the broken links.
  10. This is a hack that is probably not relevant to 99% of plugins, but it may be useful for plugins that allow the user to select folders containing brushes or other data files outside of the Paint.NET User Files. I wanted to have a way to disable the selection of external plugin folders in PSFilterPdn when Paint.NET is running in portable mode. To maintain compatibility with 3.5.11 the following code reads the value of the IAppInfoService InstallMode property via Reflection. There probably is a better way to detect portable mode when referencing the 3.5.11 DLLs, but if there is I have not found it.
  11. DDS FileType Plus (2017-09-27)

    Allow creating mipmaps for image sizes that are not a power of 2. The mipmap generation had been silently ignoring images that are not a power of 2 until I came across the following post (strangely the DDS reference on MSDN makes no mention that non power of 2 mipmaps are supported). Report progress when saving the uncompressed formats. File version updated to
  12. DDS FileType Plus (2017-09-27)

    Added support for saving the R8G8B8A8 and B4G4R4A4 formats. File version updated to
  13. Paint.NET should preserve all the metadata it receives when the file is loaded. The JPEG loading and saving uses the GDI+ library that is built-in to Windows. Paint.NET does not have any control over what it does with metadata when an image is loaded or saved.
  14. PSFilterPdn (2016-10-05)

    If the load time is 45 to 75 seconds then it sounds to me like disk I/O may be a big part of the issue. Perhaps the list of 8bf filters should be stored in the EffectConfigToken, at least that way it only scans the disk the first time it is opened. Or the filter information could be serialized to disk and used across Paint.NET sessions, this is what GIMP's PSPI plugin does. I never anticipated PSFilterPdn would be used with that many filters. I am surprised that the Windows Forms TreeView works with that many items. Regarding your pull request, I am surprised that the TreeView sorting is such a bottleneck. I have not decided if I will be merging it, accepting 3rd party contributions would restrict me from changing to a different open source license.
  15. PSFilterPdn (2016-10-05)

    The search speed would depend on the number of folders in the Search Directories tab and the number of 8bf files located in those folders. That would not surprise me. Each time PSFilterPdn is launched it searches the folders and gathers the information it needs from every 8bf file it finds.