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  1. It sounds like the Animated PNG format would be more suitable for your requirements than animated gif. Animated PNG supports 32-bit RGBA images, the GIF format only supports 255 colors. You can use the following filetype plugin to load and save Animated PNGs.
  2. null54

    Calendar Creator v1.6

    Here is a 3.5.11 build. Calendar Changing the Visual Studio code to compile with 3.5.11 was easier that getting the icon to load. It took me several minutes of troubleshooting to realize that I misspelled 'Calendar' when setting the default project namespace. 🙄
  3. null54

    Happy Birthday KrisVDM

    Happy Birthday!
  4. That should be fixed in 1.3.1.
  5. null54

    DDS FileType Plus (2018-07-09)

    Upgraded to the July 3 2018 release of DirectXTex, file version updated to
  6. That is less work than resetting the button colors when using FlatStyle.Standard. If your dialog uses a LinkLabel you can use the following code to change the link color. if (control is LinkLabel link) { if (this.ForeColor != Control.DefaultForeColor) { link.LinkColor = this.ForeColor; } else { // If the control is using the default foreground color set the link color // to Color.Empty so the LinkLabel will use its default colors. link.LinkColor = Color.Empty; } }
  7. null54

    DDS FileType Plus (2018-07-09)

    I do not. You should ask your question on a forum for the game you are trying to modify.
  8. null54

    null54's Plugin Pack (2018-06-20)

    Updated the Raw FileType to the latest version. 
  9. null54

    Happy Birthday Rick Brewster!

    Happy Birthday!
  10. null54

    RAW FileType (2018-06-14)

    Updated to the latest 32-bit version of DCRaw , file version updated to
  11. null54

    null54's Plugin Pack (2018-06-20)

    That is a known issue. @BoltBait's installer looks for the Paint.NET installation directory in the Windows Registry, which is only present for the classic version. As a workaround you can download the individual zipped plugins from the linked threads.
  12. null54

    Happy Birthday Lynxster!

    Happy Birthday!
  13. The Popular Feature Requests thread states that you were planning to add it for 4.0.
  14. You could use the DirectXTex Texconv utility to batch process the files using the following command. The command removes the mipmaps from each DDS file and overwrites the original file. texconv.exe -m 1 -y *.dds The Texconv documentation is located on the DirectXTex Wiki.