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  1. Bug: The TryGetText and TryGetSurface extension methods cannot be accessed by plugins because they are defined in an internal class. I did not discover this during my earlier testing because I was using a built-in effect to test the API.
  2. You can use Photoshop brushes with the Brush Factory plugin. There are also FileType plugins that allow loading and saving of Photoshop brushes and patterns.
  3. Updated to G'MIC version 2.6.5.
  4. Paint.NET does not support batch processing, but you could use the DirectXTex texconv command-line utility. It can be downloaded from the February 7, 2019 release, and the documentation for it is on the DirectXTex wiki.
  5. Added support for saving the BC5 signed format in version BC3 does not have a signed version, are you referring to BC4?
  6. I have no idea why the plugin fails to work on some systems. 😕
  7. Updated to G'MIC version 2.6.4.
  8. I encountered this issue when testing the DIBV5 code with Google Chrome. The easiest way to reproduce it is to open Chrome and copy the Google logo on to the clipboard. The problem is that Chrome sets the DIBV5 header to indicate that there is no alpha channel when the image contains a premultiplied alpha channel. Because Chrome is indicating that there is no alpha channel there is not an easy way to fix this issue. Changing the DIBV5 code to use "Detect dishonest alpha" would break other scenarios, such as the Windows Snipping Tool black line bug that was reported here. DIB alpha channel handling is the Kobayashi Maru of Windows development.
  9. @fixator10 appears to be using XNView MP. When using the "Copy image data" command XNview MP version 0.93.1 places a DIB_V5 on the clipboard that has an incorrect HGLOBAL size (it does not include the size of the 3 BI_BITFIELDS color masks). This also reproduces in other Qt applications (such as as Krita), so it appears to be a bug in the Qt Framework clipboard code. Because of this Paint.NET falls back to reading a Bitmap from the clipboard.
  10. Updated to G'MIC version 2.6.3.
  11. Updated the WebP filetype to the latest version.
  12. Fixed a crash relating to the save cancellation in Paint.NET 4.1.7. Convert the WebP EXIF metadata into a format that Paint.NET understands. Reduced memory usage when saving. Fixed a P/Invoke marshaling bug when saving the WebP metadata. File version updated to