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  1. Print It (Tools Effect)

    According to the following post you can copy both files into the App Files/Effects/ folder.
  2. null54's Plugin Pack (2018-02-25)

    Updated the Base 64 FileType, WebP FileType and Soft Proofing effect to the latest version.
  3. WebP Filetype (2018-02-25)

    That issue should be fixed in
  4. DDS FileType Plus (2018-02-22)

    Added 'Linear' to the non-sRGB format descriptions. Renamed the BC7 Compression Mode Quick and Max values to Fast and Slow. File version updated to
  5. DDS FileType Plus (2018-02-22)

    My reply on GitHub.
  6. DDS FileType Plus (2018-02-22)

    I can add Linear to the description of the non-sRGB formats, but I will not be changing the rest of the description to match the Intel plug-in. This plugin and the Intel plugin use different methods when compressing the BC1, BC3, BC5 and BC7 formats. So it would not make sense to copy the 'Fast' and 'Fine' naming convention used by the Intel plug-in. The Intel plug-in uses the ISPC Texture compressor (it provides the 'Fast' and 'Fine' modes), and this plugin uses DirectXTex. Does this plugin show any compression artifacts when saving as BC7 (DX11+)?
  7. DDS FileType Plus (2018-02-22)

    Added support for saving the sRGB variants of the BC1, BC2, BC3 and BC7 formats. The Space Engineers file posted above uses the sRGB version of BC7, so it made sense to add support for the sRGB formats in case there are other games or applications that require images to be saved in those formats. File version updated to
  8. Digital Camo?

    There is a Digital Camouflage tutorial located in the Textures section of the Tutorial forum.
  9. Advanced Color Replacement

    Some older attachments got scrambled during the forum upgrades, you need to rename the "12635_2955e8ebabf0b67a6ffc3280a689423a" file and add a .zip extension.
  10. DDS FileType Plus (2018-02-22)

    The file has to be renamed to use the dds2 file extension in order for the plugin to load it.
  11. DDS FileType Plus (2018-02-22)

    Added error checking to the typeless format conversion. Upgraded to the February 9 2018 release of DirectXTex. File version updated to
  12. Rants *enter at own risk*

    Writing parsers is extremely difficult. I wasted several hours with ANTLR trying to create a grammar for Photoshop's EnableInfo resource. After compiling the grammar it fails to parse my example text correctly. I was hoping that I could create a proper parser to replace my current string scanning code, but it does not appear that will be happening any time soon.
  13. It looks like Paint.NET ran out of memory when trying to copy the image to the clipboard.
  14. Help with Stripe Plugin

    Both Math.Sin and Math.Cos return a double. Edit: I did not see that @toe_head2001 answered the question on the second page.
  15. You will need this plugin.