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  1. An identical problem was reported in the following thread:
  2. GCC has an amazingly stupid linker. It does not search the entire list of referenced libraries, instead it expects the user to specify each library and its dependencies in the order that they are needed. Also, it looks like the MinGW maintainers built their "static" libcurl package with dynamic linking enabled for one of its dependencies. 🙄 I wish Microsoft would support OpenMP 4+ in Visual Studio, then I would not have to use MinGW or GCC when building G'MIC.
  3. It is one of the selection modes in the toolbar, see
  4. WebP and AV1 are different formats, so it is not surprising that there would be a size difference with the same settings.
  5. Many of the non-property-based effects should have a serializable effect token. The effect classes are not serializable, you would have to serialize the value returned by Effect.GetType. You may want to look at the source code for @pyrochild's ScriptLab ( It is a plugin that allows the user to save a list of Effect presets to a file, and reapply them at a later time.
  6. That plugin is a Photoshop automation script, it will not work in Paint.NET.
  7. Use this utility to remove the broken Paint.NET installation, and then try to install Paint.NET again.
  8. That PNG file contains a large amount of XMP metadata and an ICC color profile, Paint.NET is preserving this metadata when you save as JPEG. After removing the XMP metadata and the ICC color profile with Metadata++ the JPEG file size dropped to ~31 Kb.
  9. Happy Birthday, @Rick Brewster!
  10. @zaffer The Paint.NET G'MIC plugin now supports saving to a folder for the filters that output multiple images.
  11. Released version Changes: Added support for multiple output images Improved support for images that are larger than the canvas Improved the user experience when canceling G'MIC