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  1. Release version 1.10.8. Changes: Updated to the April 6, 2021 release of DirectXTex.
  2. That is correct. If you hover over the link it will show a tool tip with the URL.
  3. Release version 2.9.7. Changes: Updated to G'MIC version 2.9.7. Fixed a issue with the handling of hidden layers. Added a missing Qt style plugin.
  4. Yes, the PSD plugin is reporting that the file cannot be loaded into memory.
  5. Release version 1.1.11. Changes: Improved the algorithm that detects single color tiles before compression. Ignore all single color tiles when checking for duplicate tiles after compression.
  6. Release version 1.1.10. Changes: Fixed a crash when checking for duplicate tiles. Improved performance when compressing tiled images that have large areas of a single color. The single color tile optimization was inspired by Rick's Optimizing .PDN Save Times blog post. The first tile for each unique color will be compressed, any subsequent tiles that use the same color will reuse the compressed data from the first tile. This can significantly improve performance when saving images that contain large areas of a single color.
  7. Release version 1.1.9. Changes: Upgraded to AOM version 3.0.0. This brings improvements in compression speed and reductions in memory usage. The Chroma Subsampling setting is now read-only for lossless encoding. Reduced the file size of tiled images with identical tiles. Fixed a few standards compliance issues when writing files.
  8. You are still linking to a forum thread that not everyone will be able to access. Quoting the relevant portion of Rick's post:
  9. Change the Bit Depth drop down from Auto-detect to 24-bit. The Paint.NET auto-detect code is picking a 2-bit (4 color) palette, and the Microsoft code that generates the palette is making some bad color choices.
  10. Release version 1.1.8. Changes: Add support for loading and saving files with premultiplied alpha. This can significantly reduce the file size when saving images with lossy compression. It is not used for lossless compression because the conversion can change the image colors. Reduce memory usage when loading EXIF data. Support reading files that use an image grid for cropping. Updated to AOM version 2.0.2.
  11. Rick has previously stated in this thread that he will not be doing any work on a Linux port of Paint.NET or WINE compatibility. Paint.NET requires a bunch of things that the WINE developers have not implemented, you will have to ask them if it would be possible to fund an effort to add the missing pieces that WINE needs to run Paint.NET.
  12. I submitted a PR to fix that crash. The only thing that can be configured for the UriProperty is the URI: new UriProperty(PropertyNames.LinkLabel, new Uri("https://www.getpaint.net")) As far as I can tell paint.net does not use that property anywhere, it may have been added but never fully implemented. I am not sure what it was intended to do, display an image in a PictureBox?
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