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  1. Many games use the alpha channel to control glossiness (specularity) of a normal map.
  2. Paint.NET has never supported loading or saving DDS volume textures. Volume textures, mip maps, cube maps and texture arrays are all DDS features that could make use of layers, the difficult part with implementing layer support is finding a good way to present those options in the save configuration UI. This may also require a load configuration UI for some DDS types, e.g. allowing the user to choose how a cube map is loaded. It would be easier to implement if Paint.NET allowed FileType plugin to analyze the Document when configuring the save configuration UI.
  3. Release version 1.0.4. Changes: Upgraded libde265 to version 1.0.8. Added support for saving lossless RGB images.
  4. Could you upload a (family-friendly) file that causes this error in 4.2.14? I am not sure why it would work in 3.5.11 and not 4.2.14, both versions should throw the same error when the layer size does not match the document size.
  5. The File Types folder name must be one word, e.g. FileTypes.
  6. The problem with those files is that the header specifies an invalid number of mipmaps. Re-saving them in Paint.NET 3.5.11 with Generate Mipmaps checked should fix that issue. The reason that Paint.NET 3.5.11 can open those files is that the old DDS plugin only reads the first image, DirectXTex reads every image in the file.
  7. You need to post the actual DDS files so that this can be investigated. Paint.NET's DDS support was upgraded in version 4.2.2. The new DirectXTex-based loading code performs additional validation to ensure the file is supported by DirectX 10+. For example, DirectX 9 supported a partial cube-map without all 6 faces whereas DirectX 10+ requires the file to have all 6 faces.
  8. Is there a recommend method for utilizing the ArrayPool<T> class in a plugin? My AvifFileType plugin creates a lot of short-lived byte arrays that would benefit from being pooled. Currently I am using a private ArrayPool that is based on the .NET Core 2.2 source code. I see that Paint.NET has an ArrayPoolBuffer class in PaintDotNet.Base.dll, is that available/supported for use by plugins?
  9. Are you trying to save to your Documents or Desktop? It may be some kind of ransomware protection that restricts access to the user folders that it is protecting.
  10. I was switching between applications while waiting for a very large AVIF file to save when PDN crashed.
  11. The old plugin was not updated, it was replaced by a different plugin. The "Compressor Type" setting in Dean Ashton's old plugin was an option specific to the Squish compression library that it used. DirectXTex does not offer any compression speed options for BC1/DXT1.
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