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  1. If you're getting that error then what you have is not a JPEG image, but rather some other kind of image with a .JPG extension.
  2. is this even a Paint.NET question? Just install the latest Windows 10 PowerToys, it has a system-wide color picker built-in https://github.com/microsoft/PowerToys
  3. Yes, that's certainly possible, I'd just need to add a button in the toolbar to switch between premultiplied alpha (new) and straight alpha (old).
  4. I should add an ArrayPoolService via the AppModel interfaces. Then you can easily use that, and I can eventually sandbox and do cleanup if so that if a plugin requests a bunch of buffers that aren't used elsewhere.
  5. Thanks, I've filed a bug and will look into this soon.
  6. You should probably get rid of that antivirus software. Avast and AVG have been generating a lot of false reports lately, and interfering with saving. Windows Defender is free and built-in to Windows.
  7. I believe I've fixed this in the final release of 4.2.14. It seemed to be triggerable by leaving a selection active for awhile, possibly after scrolling and drawing. The animation for the selection was causing an inefficient data structure to be built, which eventually results in a stack overflow and termination of the process -- no crash log is created for this, it's just assassinated. However, please let me know if it happens again (after installing the update), and I'll look into it
  8. This update includes full support for AV1 (*.avif) images, courtesy of @null54's AvifFileType plugin, which is now bundled. In addition, I've spent a lot of time optimizing various parts of the canvas rendering engine. Memory usage and CPU usage are both lower across the board, which should help when working with large images, as well as images (large or small) with many layers. I've also made several bug fixes and improvements to the Move Selected Pixels, Magic Wand, Paint Bucket, and Ellipse Select tools. If you’re using the Windows Store release, you should get the u
  9. You can invert the selection using the keyboard shortcut, Ctrl+I
  10. The text color on light theme for the Start tile is being fixed for the 4.2.14 update.
  11. Plugin authors can post their code on GitHub if they like. But we're not going to be building up a regulatory agency for this stuff.
  12. Tom Jackson wrote auto-level ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  13. Fonts of the *.FON variety have essentially been deprecated by Microsoft, as their newer DirectWrite renderer does not support them. Paint.NET can't use them because of that, and it would unfortunately be an enormous amount of engineering to support them. It would require adding an additional system for rendering text using GDI. It's possible, but from my experience GDI text rendering is fickle, archaic, and error prone. There isn't enough demand or benefit here to justify doing that. Useful, yes, certainly, but not useful or important enough, sadly.
  14. There are a few weirdisms in the Colors window that I've been planning to address for the 4.2.15 update (right after 4.2.14, in other words). I've added your notes to the bug so I can use them while investigating. Thanks!
  15. Can you give us any description of what types of actions are causing the crash? I did just find a crash yesterday that I fixed that happens when a selection is active and/or you scroll around a bunch.
  16. It does need some love, that's certainly a good way to put it I want to upgrade the Text tool before moving onto some other big upgrades, but it's got a few other big projects in front of it. Upgraded brushes, pressure sensitivity, and porting to .NET Core, for instance. But it's on the short list of big projects I'm planning to tackle.
  17. Hmm, I couldn't repro it with a quick test, but I filed a bug to look at it soon If you can provide me with a (semi-)reliable way to reproduce it, that will help a ton
  18. No judgement here, I've been playing rogue-likes (BPM, Risk of Rain 2) and watching simple TV shows like Red Dwarf and the new Duck Tales 😂
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