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  1. RGBA32 is listed as R8G8B8A8 in the save dialog. The forum page lists the uncompressed formats using the same names as the original DDS plugin, R8G8B8A8 is the same as A8B8G8R8.
  2. Added support for saving the uncompressed X8B8G8R8 and R8G8B8 formats. Fixed a visual glitch when previewing cube maps in some formats.
  3. I will look into adding support for R8G8B8 and X8B8G8R8 to the plugin.
  4. Updated G'MIC to version 2.8.2.
  5. The issue is caused by the sharpening feature being enabled in the global settings, which forces it to be applied to all applications. You should be able to turn it off in global settings and enable it for individual games using the program settings.
  6. Updated to use WebP version 1.1.0.
  7. There is a FileType that exports the color of every pixel in the image to a CSV file.
  8. For the G'MIC plugin you can use the Apply button to preview the results on the Paint.NET canvas.
  9. I do not think so. Providing basic and advanced versions of the plugin would cause the available features to change when is updated. It would also complicate my build and release process.
  10. Bundling the plugin with requires catering to users of all skill levels. As Rick noted when he opened the issue on GitHub, the built-in FileTypes always preserve metadata. It could be confusing for some users to have this FileType behave differently when it appears to be built-in.
  11. That error is due to not finding the correct string resources. Are you using a 3rd-party translation or one that is installed with
  12. That option was removed to maintain consistency with the built-in FileTypes when the plugin was bundled with Paint.NET. Quoting @Rick Brewster‘s reply on GitHub: It sounds like WhatsApp may have a metadata processing bug.
  13. Content Aware Fill woks fine in Paint.NET 4.2.7. Circle Text can only use TrueType fonts.
  14. I was able to read some of the layers using Irfanview with the ImPDN plugin. I uploaded a zip file with the extracted layers: The thumbnail is a PNG image that is located in a different part of the file than the layer data.
  15. That would most likely depend on how the game you are trying to modify uses normal maps. A tutorial for Skyrim character model normal maps can be found here. Normal maps are a method of applying bump mapping on 3D models, see In Skyrim normal maps are used by many model types: character, tree, weapon etc. That option is only relevant when creating or editing cube maps, it should be left unchecked for other texture types.
  16. The Windows Store version requires FileType plugins to be installed into <Documents>\ App Files\FileTypes. See for more information.
  17. Fixed a crash when saving empty layers, file version updated to .