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  1. You need to switch the input layers to All for G'MIC to be able to recognize the second layer.
  2. My guess is that Outlook is putting an enlarged PNG on the clipboard, and Paint.NET is reading it instead of the correctly sized DIB. This is a known bug with a number of Microsoft Office applications.
  3. The plugin should be compatible with 4.2.11.
  4. Borderlands: The Handsome Collection is free on the Epic Games store until June 4th.
  5. Paint.NET has had built-in support for the new DDS files since 4.2.2, which was released on September 18th, 2019. The new DDS support comes from bundling DDS FileType Plus, which was released on September 2nd, 2017. This is why there is a forum rule against posting to old threads, they are likely out of date.
  6. Release version 1.0.1. Changes: Changed the target framework to .NET 4.7 to allow for bundling with Paint.NET
  7. Are you referring to changing the selection size and/or location? See this page in the Paint.NET online help file.
  8. After looking at the ILMerge manual, my guess is that WpfMath uses embedded resources that it fails to find after merging. You will probably just have to distribute the two DLL files.
  9. Paint.NET does not include WinZip, it sounds like you are clicking on an ad instead of the actual download link. The correct download location is the link in the top right of, under the Free Download Now header.
  10. Plugins cannot add items to the layer properties window.
  11. This appears to be an issue with the XMP support that was added in Paint.NET 4.2.11. Can you attach (or upload and post a link to) one of the JPEG files that causes this issue?
  12. Release version 1.0.0. Changes: Upgraded to libaom v2.0.0 Allow lossless images to use an ICC color profile Improved performance when loading and saving images Fixed the AV1 chroma sub-sampling fields for YUV 4:2:2 Reject images with unsupported essential properties Attempt to preserve the color conversion data for loaded AVIF images I did not create a new thread in the plugins forum due to the additional steps that are required to install this plugin.
  13. It looks like CodeLab is not embedding the preview image into the DLL, it also does not add it to the generated VS project.
  14. I do not think that there is any point in creating a new thread. I did not make any changes to the plugin's algorithm. I only changed the menu category and added a Plugin Browser preview image.
  15. I do not. I posted about the dead link in the plugin thread, so hopefully another forum member will have a copy that can be reposted. Plugins allow programmers to add functionality to Paint.NET. Currently there are 2 types, Effects and FileTypes. Effects add new items to the Adjustments and Effects menus. FileTypes add new items to the open and save dialogs.
  16. The link is dead, and the Internet Archive does not have a saved copy.
  17. Try this plugin:
  18. Civilization 6 is free on the Epic Games store until May 28th. Epic has been giving away some good games during their mega sale. Based on the sale end date listed on its store page, it looks like they may be giving away The Witcher 3 starting on June 4th.
  19. I recompiled the effect from the source code in the first post. Changes: Moved it into the Artistic submenu Added a Plugin Browser preview image (I cropped the example image in the first post) I was going to move it into Stylize, but Artistic is a better fit. Source code:
  20. It is not showing up for me either, and it is not appearing in plugin errors. I will try rebuilding it from the source code, the DLL may be incompatible with the latest versions of Paint.NET. Also, this should have been posted in the plugin thread. Perhaps one of the mods will move it there for you.
  21. It is by design, see Paint.NET switches to the next selection tool each time you press the "S" key.
  22. GTA V is free on the Epic Store until May 21st. The demand is causing the Epic Games client to time out and randomly switch its UI languages.