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  1. Release version 1.1.15. Changes: Updated to AOM version 3.1.2. Added support for loading multi-layer AVIF files.
  2. Fixed in version The issue was caused by a breaking change in the .NET 5 Process class.
  3. Release version Changes: Fixed an issue with an error dialog being shown when cancelling 32-bit filters.
  4. My new server code had a bug with how it handled the error reporting when cancelling a filter. That looks like a race condition when starting the PSFilterShim process, but I have not been able to reproduce it. Do you have a list of steps?
  5. Click the and buttons in the top right of the Paint.NET window, or press F7 and F8 on your keyboard.
  6. I just released a new version of PSFilterPdn.
  7. Release version Changes: Fixed a compatibility issue with the .NET 5 version of Paint.NET. Added preliminary support for ARM64. ARM64 devices should be able to run 32-bit (x86) plugins. Added high-DPI icons. Fixed a compatibility issue with 32-bit FilterMeister-based plugins.
  8. Release version Changes: Fixed a crash when reading some Base64 encoded data.
  9. Release version 2.9.8. Changes: Updated to G'MIC version 2.9.8. Made the clipboard layer the top layer, this matches the top to bottom layer order that GIMP uses.
  10. Happy Birthday! Edit: Again, I forgot I already replied to this thread.
  11. I just installed nikcollection-full-1.2.11 and the 64-bit filters are working. It may be that you are missing the 64-bit Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012, although the NIK plugin installer should install that dependency with the plugins.
  12. I already migrated to NamedPipeServerStream and NamedPipeClientStream. Also, that repository only contains the client libraries for consuming existing WCF services, and I need to run a WCF server. The migration from WCF was less work than the migration away from BinaryFormatter, lots of types that needed to be updated to work with DataContract. Fortunately I only had one settings file that I needed to migrate, and that code will never run for 99% of users. I have not seen many 3rd-party Photoshop plugins that use the associated API.
  13. Try reinstalling them, that error message indicates that the filter could not find a dependency it requires.
  14. That would also be useful for users to organize their Effects and FileTypes folders. I am in the process of rewriting the PSFilterPdn communication protocol to remove the WCF dependency.
  15. @AndrewDavid @Rick Brewster The PSFilterPdn crash is due to the fact that it uses WCF for communication when running 32-bit plugins.
  16. Unfortunately, that file does not have any recoverable data, it is all zeros.
  17. I was trying to say that there are situations where your code would return false, even if there is an image on the clipboard that TryGetSurface can read. The ContainsImage extension method I submitted to Rick uses the same logic as TryGetSurface when checking for an image on the clipboard. Hopefully it will be included in the next alpha build of 4.2.17. The Paint.NET clipboard code handles more image formats than just a Windows Bitmap (file path, PNG, etc).
  18. That is the correct format, but there are cases where it would produce a false negative. For example, Paint.NET will not place a Bitmap on the clipboard if the image data is larger than 4 GB.
  19. I submitted a PR that adds ContainsText and ContainsImage extension methods.
  20. You will need to buy more RAM, or edit the PSD file some other application to reduce the number of layers. In Paint.NET each layer is the full size of the image, so it requires much more memory than Photoshop to read a file with lots of layers.,
  21. Plugins cannot add or modify the keyboard shortcuts.
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