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Paint.NET v3.5.2 is now available

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This update resolves some feature disparities in the Text tool between GDI (XP) and DirectWrite (Win7/Vista). It also improves overall performance, as well as the correctness and quality of the Move Selected Pixels tool, the Image->Resize function, and the Hue/Saturation adjustment.

As usual there are two ways to get it:

    1. Download directly from the website, http://www.getpaint.net/ . There is no need to uninstall the old version; that will be taken care of automatically.
    2. Preferred: Use the built-in updater from within Paint.NET. You can go to Utilities->Check for Updates, or you can wait for the following update dialog to show up automatically within the next week or so:

Changes and fixes since v3.5.1:

    * All font face variants (e.g., Arial vs. Arial Narrow) are now available with the Text tool in Win7/Vista with DirectWrite.
    * Bitmap font types (e.g. Courier, Terminal, Fixedsys) are now available with the Text tool in Win7/Vista.
    * Fixed some bad text kerning with the Text tool at small font sizes when antialiasing was turned off.
    * For the Image->Resize function, the quality, correctness, and performance of Bilinear and Bicubic sampling modes have been improved. Super Sampling also has some performance improvement.
    * Improved the rendering quality for the Hue/Saturation adjustment. Also made a new icon for it.
    * Fixed many subtle rendering issues with the Move Selected Pixels tool. These were apparent when flipping or rotating a selected area.
    * Fixed: The Line/Curve tool was applying pixel snapping to the curve nodes, which caused lines to "bend" when using the Shift key to constrain the angle.
    * Fixed some extraneous CPU usage related to unnecessary or redundant thumbnail updates.
    * Fixed a few dialogs that looked wrong with Aero glass with Remote Desktop or Virtual PC.
    * Fixed a nasty memory leak with Flatten followed by Undo.
    * Fixed some issues related to effects that took awhile to cancel. As it turns out, drag-and-drop was enabled at this time, which easily lead to crashes or hangs.
    * Some Win7 systems could not detect that .NET 3.5 SP1 was installed, even though it was. A fallback detection function has been added.
    * For plugin authors, the Effect class now has a pollable IsCancelRequested property. This can be used to improve responsiveness for expensive OnSetRenderInfo() implementations which are otherwise non-interruptible.
    * For plugin authors, the Surface.FitSurface() method is now optimized to use multiple threads, which improves performance.

The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

Donations are always appreciated! https://www.getpaint.net/donate.html


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PDN now does this wierd thing when I flatten/merge layers. Say if I merge a layer down, and it's set to additive or whatever, then when I merge it down it flickers to as if it is set to normal, then goes to what it should look like when merged. It's only really a problem when I'm trying to compare what a layer looks like visible/not visible. This also happens when I make a layer visible/invisible.

is this fixed?

Thanks for the update.

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Still not possible with the current Paint.NET architecture.


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Odd rounding when there shouldn't be any rounding?

I was updating some of the help images and just doing misc stuff, then I chose rectangle select, fixed size and switched the inches to pixels and got weird results.

The resolution was the standard 96px/inch and somehow the default 4 and 3 inches measurement ended up being 383.9976 pixels and 287.9972 pixels.

Can't repro it now, but I'll try to keep a look out for it if it happens again.

Edit: This is on Windows 7 Pro x64.

Edit2: Opened those pics again and this time the result was 383.944 and 287.958.

It's not that big of a problem but still odd?


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