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  1. Bumping because apparently this bug is not gone even though the changelog for v3.5.2 said it was fixed. pdncrash.log
  2. No no, I didn't exit it. I just closed all the images while keeping Paint.NET running. This was at the point where Paint.NET was at 1.5GB of RAM used (when it normally crashes with the main issue this thread was about). It then refuses to load any new images, but does not actually crash.
  3. This is probably related (or really, the same issue) but I got to the point where it almost certainly would crash the next time I un-did the flatten. I closed the image so Paint.NET had nothing open, just the program itself was running. I then re-opened the .pdn I was working with and it told me "Not enough memory to load the image." No crash/crash log or anything, it just refuses to load the image even though there is -nothing- open already. I'm guessing at some point it just doesn't release the memory (well I guess obviously since you said there was a leak), and that this is the exact same issue? I was hoping that I could "trick" the memory leak by closing and re-opening, didn't work.
  4. Thanks for looking into it further. I was just about pulling my hair out trying to understand how it wasn't a memory leak. I had a large (and slightly snarky) reply written up replying to the "stop complaining" post (which is now gone?) when the board went down for maintenance. I'm glad I didn't have a chance to post that now. Thanks again, and I hope to see 3.5.2 out soon. I dunno if this is taboo around here, but any idea how long that would take?
  5. Why does Paint.NET crash when I simply save-as a jpeg (to flatten) then undo several times? This seems like it would be fairly normal behavior for someone editing something.
  6. Going back to this, I don't think I "ran out of memory" at 16 MB. Some 24 byte value (VirtualAlloc it looks like) is overflowing it seems. Also I just noticed that it's referencing D:\ when I have Paint.NET installed on my C drive. D:\ is a currently unused install of the Win7 beta. EDIT: If I flatten and undo several times in a row (doing nothing else) it will crash like this, after reaching over 1.5GB of memory used (going up by 200-300MB each cycle). This is not really a 32bit vs. 64bit thing, this is a memory leak which eventually runs out of memory to leak.
  7. Unfortunately I use a couple things that require unsigned drivers. I've tried a few different tricks to get around that, but none have worked. Dual booting is obviously an option, but a rather annoying one as I work on this stuff while doing everything else. Is there nothing that I can do to get this to stop happening? I don't remember this happening pre-3.5(.1), so it seems rather silly that the only option is "upgrade your OS" for Paint.NET crashing in relatively simple images.
  8. The image is 2048x2048, so according to the equation for size in that stickied thread it should take 134,217,728 = 128MB of RAM, not all that much. Right now PaintDotNet.exe is sitting at 577,120 K in the task manager with only this .PDN and a small (713x433) jpeg open. This seems a little excessive.
  9. Ever since I upgraded to 3.5.1 Paint.NET will crash when I Ctrl+Z from a flatten. It doesn't happen every time but enough to be very annoying. I've been using Paint.NET for a while, and it's been for-freak-ever since I've had any hardware updates, so it seems like it's a 3.5.1 issue. I don't believe I have any plugins (at least, I haven't installed any recently enough to remember). The file I'm currently working with is only about 1.3MB at the moment and has 6 layers, nothing overly complex. EDIT: If this is related to the "out of memory" sticky topic, what the heck am I supposed to do with that information? It doesn't happen every time though, which it probably should if it's running out of memory. What I do is make a small edit, flatten to jpeg (it's a texture for a game), view the texture on the model, un flatten, make another small edit, rinse -> repeat. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. pdncrash.log
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