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  1. Leftie MMO style mouse? Seems there's only 1, Razer Naga 2014 Left Hand edition. Out of stock everywhere. Then there's ambidextrous Roccat Kova Pure Performance that has 3 buttons on both sides. 66 mice with 2 buttons on the right.
  2. The mouse in the photo is ROCCAT® NYTH , similar ones are Corsair Scimitar or Logitech G600. There are many more mice that have differently shaped extra buttons, be it a grid like that or surrounding the resting thumb like this Steelseries Rival 500.
  3. Random idea, get one of them "MMO" mice that has a bunch of extra buttons? Something like that? You could map any keys or shortcuts to the additional buttons.
  4. You're using an old version then, please update to 4.0.19.
  5. Is "Scrolling past the edge of the image (overscroll)" enabled?
  6. 4.0.20 beta build 6568

    For translations #1294 & #1295, MT translations were approved instead of user ones in finnish, russian and spanish.
  7. The Paint.NET users Film/Movies Club.

    The Last Jedi was epic, maybe even more so than The Force Awakens. There was even a moment where I almost teared up. Looked beautiful.
  8. Happy Birthday Zagna

    Thank you everyone.
  9. From is now available on the Windows Store!,
  10. High Res Icons

    Would simple CC-BY suffice? A tiny .txt just like now with copying.txt? Or which license? The license on the website is just because I used Hugo to parse the directory for all .svg so that I wouldn't have to manually do it.
  11. High Res Icons

    138 so far but, couple of them will need a bunch of work. Oil Painting, Gauss Blur and Motion Blur need improvement. And Dents, Polar Inversion, Tiled Reflection, Soften Portrait, Julia and Mandelbrot are quite tricky. Dents is difficult to vectorize and others would probably be better just with a straight .png.
  12. High Res Icons

    99 SVG so far
  13. High Res Icons

    I was bored.... SVGs and stuff, comments? Cut and Print are still meh, rest I feel are fine.
  14. Crash after Windows Update

    Install Error PaintDotNet.Direct2D.NoHardwareDeviceException (0x8899000B) This could be somewhat related?