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  1. PNG is a lossless format, but file sizes depend on how long you want to spend optimizing it. Reason for file becoming bigger after resizing it smaller, most likely is due to blurriness? If the initial image is optimal for PNG, sharp lines, no gradients, few colors, it works great. Resizing produces artifacts which are very costly to store lossless. One option is to try OptiPNG optimizes the file as much as possible.
  2. The free version is just a basic Windows program which has a name + program icon. Paid version is UWP-Win32 app which provides its own tile image which you see there.
  3. To duplicate layer, Ctrl+Shift+D. To get just a selection, Ctrl+C & Ctrl+Shift+V.
  4. Zagna

    lag over time

    With Animations turned off, doesn't seem to produce lag for layer toggling like it did before. But since it takes an indeterminate amount of time for the lag to manifest and I'm not sure if being minimized or in the background matters, it's complicated. I'll try couple more times with Animations turned on. It's just waiting long enough.
  5. Random guess. Try changing this setting if it fixes it?
  6. Zagna

    lag over time

    Lag over time, Part Deux After having just sitting in the background for the last hour, it is taking few seconds to toggle layers. But, just switching to a different image and back, layers toggle as fast as normally.
  7. Zagna

    lag over time

    Repros? Lag over time? edit: Also, with 150ish layers, using the mouse scroll wheel on the Layers window is very slow. Scrollbar on the other hand is smooth and fast.
  8. Zagna

    High Res Icons

    The colors previously were random color picker results, they're now one of those Office colors chosen randomly, I spent literally seconds choosing colors for them. I have zero attachments to the colors. All the icons were more or less traced over the old ones, nothing has been redesigned. So they'll all look weird. I assume that I'll redesign quite few of them. Or anybody else since I'm not artistic at all. Resizing was something that would be most likely worked out when testing the icons. Actual demonstrations are used because current icons are demonstrations and I just duplicated them.
  9. Zagna

    Problem with image dpi

    You have it set to pixels per centimeter. DPI means dots per inch. So change it to pixels/inch.
  10. Zagna

    100% completed Norwegian translation

    It would be good for you to create an account at Crowdin so when this gets uploaded there, you can easily update it in the future.
  11. Zagna

    Missing Project from Streams?

    What are your system specs? CPU & GPU? There was possibly some bug that disallowed your GPU before and now it is being used. Previously only your CPU was used for everything in With 4.1, UI, compositing, couple effects and some other parts were done with your GPU because it can do those things much faster. It is totally safe to turn off GPU acceleration but you are losing performance. Try doing your workflow with and without Hardware accelerated rendering, see if the performance boost from it is beneficial or not. So which is better, software rendering & window capture or hardware rendering & monitor capture?
  12. Zagna

    Missing Project from Streams?

    Maybe... with 4.1, something made your system run in hardware accelerated GPU mode while previously it was running in software mode. Turn "Hardware accelerated rendering (GPU)" off and see if that changes things?
  13. Zagna

    Missing Project from Streams?

    To get, you have to do either monitor capture or cropped monitor capture. Window capture doesn't get the floating windows.
  14. Random guess, try if turning off Fluid mouse input changes anything?