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  1. The Paint.NET users Film/Movies Club.

    The Last Jedi was epic, maybe even more so than The Force Awakens. There was even a moment where I almost teared up. Looked beautiful.
  2. Happy Birthday Zagna

    Thank you everyone.
  3. From is now available on the Windows Store!,
  4. High Res Icons

    Would simple CC-BY suffice? A tiny .txt just like now with copying.txt? Or which license? The license on the website is just because I used Hugo to parse the directory for all .svg so that I wouldn't have to manually do it.
  5. High Res Icons

    138 so far but, couple of them will need a bunch of work. Oil Painting, Gauss Blur and Motion Blur need improvement. And Dents, Polar Inversion, Tiled Reflection, Soften Portrait, Julia and Mandelbrot are quite tricky. Dents is difficult to vectorize and others would probably be better just with a straight .png.
  6. High Res Icons

    99 SVG so far
  7. High Res Icons

    I was bored.... SVGs and stuff, comments? Cut and Print are still meh, rest I feel are fine.
  8. Crash after Windows Update

    Install Error PaintDotNet.Direct2D.NoHardwareDeviceException (0x8899000B) This could be somewhat related?
  9. Paint.NET and Printscreen

    PicPick can do that, just set as external program and parameter <%f>.
  10. While transforming the .fi help Keyboard + Mouse from raw html to markdown syntax, I was reminded of one shortcut that was never possible and noticed an annoyance in another. Line options are nicely next to each other and brush size is a key of its own so Ctrl works on it just fine. On a .fi keyboard, Line start and mid are where they are nice but for end you have to go Shift+7. And Brush size is AltGr+8 or AltGr+9 and with AltGr, Ctrl can't be chained at all so no +/-5. Looking through QWERTY - Wikipedia there's few keyboards where Line options don't line up while most keyboards duplicate US layout. "-" for line end would work for scandinavian keyboards and Ö/Ø+Ä/Æ for brush size. But other layouts...? Opinions?
  11. Copy and Paste 4.018 Bug

    Layers oddity? Part Deux Layers oddity? 33 1/3 I tried again this time with 3 layers and doing only a single up/down layer move instead of 2 and moving with both clipping modes. It's weird.
  12. Copy and Paste 4.018 Bug

    At about 0:14 when I click the mode button multiple times and the outline changes a tiny bit, even though it is well outside the active selection. Not real flicker but just weird otherwise.
  13. Copy and Paste 4.018 Bug

    What I find weirdest is that the outline that's left behind and is outside the selection, "flickers" when switching between selection clipping modes.
  14. Copy and Paste 4.018 Bug

    Layers oddity? I tried playing with selection clipping mode... and it's weird?
  15. Copy and Paste 4.018 Bug

    Repros. After each time I move the layer up and down it leaves behind less and less pixels. Left to right, 4 separate times it left behind pixels. Thick on first, thinner on subsequent. Repros in 4.0.19 also, around the 5th or 6th move the pixels are hard to see anymore.