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  1. Not a memory problem, just a good old bug, especially since it triggers with a +1 pixel change. has had a bunch of bugs for really large dimensions, in the 30000+ variety once in a while and Rick fixes them as they come up.
  2. If I create a 49000x4600 image and just open Rotate / Zoom, same thing happens, everything is transparent. Playing around with roll or pan, nothing seems to happen. Okay… it seems to happen at a specific resolution? Works fine at 46092, broken at 46093. @Rick Brewster Edit: It also has something to do with vertical resolution. 46093x4787 works just fine but 46093x4788 doesn't.
  3. Irfanview It has a basic paint functions and that CCITT Fax 4 comes up as CCITT T.6 in file properties. It even has a batch processor that is extremely comprehensive.
  4. Zagna

    The Paint.NET users Film/Movies Club.

    Solo: A Star Wars Story is as worthy of its title as Rogue One. Grand adventure, surprising cameos that will blow your mind. I did not see that one coming.
  5. Zagna

    The Paint.NET users Film/Movies Club.

    Deadpool 2 has the grace and elegance of Deadpool 1 without the burden of an origin story. Be prepared for the usual meta jokes and silly antics with a dash of plot twists that you would never imagine happening in a movie. And keep your eye open all the time for some really out of the blue cameos during the movie and during credits.
  6. Zagna

    ARM NEON Support

    Final open source version was v3.36, thanks to "backspaceware".
  7. Zagna

    The Paint.NET users Film/Movies Club.

    Avengers: Infinity War was rather different when compared to previous Marvel movies.... Hard to describe and I can't even begin to imagine how Part 2 will play out...
  8. If you would like, you can create an account at crowdin, tell Rick your username and then improve the french translation. It is currently at only 98%.
  9. No, from Popular Feature Requests
  10. 4.0.20 and .NET 4.7
  11. I'm not sure if is the best choice for this but one way is to have the map as a bottom layer and a Clouds effect for each room separately. Then you just toggle the rooms visible one by one.
  12. Zagna on Mac?

    Closest equivalent for Mac is Pinta.
  13. Zagna sometimes ''Freezes''

    Where are you trying to save the file to? Local disk, usb drive, network location? Does it save quicker in some other location?