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  1. First I do just single arrow key, right and up. After that I keep repeating diagonals, some of them I manage to do somewhat, with some, it only moves 1 pixel in and then travels straight. I'm guessing that's it?
  2. Change Save Instant Replay Hotkey in Radeon Relive to something different then.
  3. Only way I was able to record PDN and the windows with OBS was to use a cropped screen capture.
  4. Try disabling EVGA Precision XOC as Precision X has been previously found as a reason for extreme lag.
  5. I'm guessing changing the selection with the center point being fixed and growing without moving.
  6. Did you download that plugin pack from here on the forum?
  7. ShapesToolIcon.16.192.png has been shrunk to 32x32 like all the other tool icons when it shouldn't be in 1:1.
  8. In the magic wand image, Ctrl+Alt+Shift+C to copy the selection shape to the clipboard. On the color image, Ctrl+Alt+Shift+V to paste the selection shape. Move the selection if needed, Ctrl+C to copy a piece of the color in that shape and Ctrl+V on the pencil image. That's one way?
  9. Plugins can only access a single layer so comparison between two layers can't be done. Alternative could be, merge the layers, select the black area with magic wand, Ctrl+Alt+Shift+C to copy the selection to the clipboard. Undo the layer merge and then Ctrl+Alt+Shift+V to paste the selection back and you can use it on the 2 layers to delete everything that was black on the merged layer.
  10. Try changing the setting between font size selection and B.
  11. Installer license text is now back to Paint.NET instead of
  12. It's the jpg that opens with the wrong resolution. I doodled a 2400x3000@300dpi image, .png saves as it should. Save a .jpg copy of that with and it opens at 2400x3000@299. Save a .jpg of the .png with Irfanview and opens that as 2400x3000@300.
  13. Reproduces, using Irfanview to resave it, opens the .jpg with 300 resolution. You could use Irfanview to batch process all the original PNG to JPG. Just use to edit all the .png and then just run a single batch with Irfanview and get .jpg from all of them quickly.
  14. Battle Angel Alita. 10/10. To me it's similar to Watchmen in how it adapts the first 12 or so chapters of Gunnm (checked my volumes after 😛). There's enough chapters for maybe as many as 3 sequels. Well made CGI, beautifully portrayed Panzer Kunst and it didn't bore me at any point.
  15. Krita is saving it as krita:xor instead of svg:xor since XOR is missing from kis_open_raster_stack_save_visitor.cpp.