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  1. Hello rick frist when change language this tooltips on shortcut Paint.NET dosent apply "Create, edit, scan, and print images and photographs." and when change lang all folder for target lang not making folder with target lang Paint.NET User Files subfolder ->Custom Brushes ->Effect Presets ->Palettes فایلهای کاربری نرم افزار subfolder ->Custom Brushes ->Effect Presets ->جدول رنگ
  2. ok thankyou very much rick but if you can in next version include persian translation to paint.net
  3. This is a problem Frist you see change Lang to fa; with font Arial; when type everything ok In line2 change font to F_divani outline with Lang fa when type this like first line In line3 change Lang to En when I type it see real font but doesn't correct spell font 2.zip @rick I am on xp but can install win7 so i must test it on win7? LeoMoon Persian TTT
  4. Hello thanks for both reply @pyrochild and rick Frist I think you must know how it work in photo shop In the first video you see I type in LeoMoon Persian TTT and then copy to clipboard Then go to Photoshop and paste then select all text and final select Esfahan font. 1.zip
  5. Hello rick can you add support for font in attachment this problem always in Photoshop for arbic and farsi font this is just some exaple font this is very important please.so evrey one switch to paint dot net fa_font.zip
  6. Hello I have one req from rick.docking windows (Tools; History; colors; Layers) to edge of monitor or paint.Net so when move mouse to edge of monitor or paint.net ; windows (Tools; History; colors; Layers) appears and when move mouse to canvas it hide. Or you can add shortcut key to hide And unhide windows. but first way better.so we can see full canvas very fast And please add Persian translation in orginall setup file And please send help file to me for translation or if you can for online translation Also see this picture this text nothing in strings.resx for translation
  7. hello i founded this bad translation and another bad ranslation also translated help file for offline usage سلام ممنون از نظری که دادی.من این مشکل را پیداکردم تعدادی ترجمه بد دیگر هم وجود داره وترجمه جدید درحال کامل شدن فردا یا پس فردا قرار میدم این ترجمه جدید خیلی بهتره ضمنا من فایل راهنمای اون را هم ترجمه کردم ولی سرعت اینترنتم کمه
  8. why dont adding persian language viewtopic.php?f=14&t=32977
  9. how to translate help file? examle help.rar
  10. Hi My Name Is Hessam Mohamadi Persian(Farsi) Localization Completed "Paint.NET 3.5.6 " PaintDotNet.Strings.3.fa.resources and Files.AboutCredits.rtf Persian3.5.6.zip This is a Farsi Help Of Paint.Net http://cid-c2c8d19888332c9f.office.live.com/browse.aspx/Paint.NET%20Farsi%20Translation?uc=1
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