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Paint.NET v3.5.2 is now available

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Great Job Rick...I've missed a couple of updates so here's another version i'm going to have to get used to...Great look,I like the new distorts as my old version didn't have them.I miss my old version already haha. :lol::roll:

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With each update, I'm hoping you've fixed PN so it "remembers" the positions of dialog boxes so it no longer opens them right in the middle of the image, requiring you to move them away each time to see what you're doing.

Any chance of this? It's a relatively simple change, programmatically, but it'd be so welcome.

Thanks, Ander

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Hey, I missed the last 2 updates, so I was like :shock: when tried the latest version! There are some very helpful improvements and new tools that makes my life a lot easier :lol:

I only miss the old interface from v3.36 that was easy readable. Is there any chance to use the old interface in the new version? I suppose that the new icons were designed for use with Windows Vista and 7, but they are too hard to read, especially with the fact that I use 77/128/128 (RGB) as background color for the Windows Explorer instead of white.

I also think that it would be cool if we can choose between the old (dashed) and the new (solid) selection border, because the old one was easier to spot in certain situations.

The blue "Tolerance" bar is too dark and I'm not able to see the number of % while drag it with the mouse. It's also too hard to set the % to exact value, so I thnk that it may be done easier by adding two new commands there:

1. While dragging with the mouse, the Left and Right arrow keys may act exactly the same way they do when moving a selected area.

2. Left double-click changes the value to 0%, middle (single) click resets the value to 50%, and right (single) click changes the value to 100%.

Thanks again for the cool update and keep up the good work! :)

Edit: I found some of the icons at C:\Program Files\Paint.NET\Resources\en-US , so hopefully I will be able to replace them with the old ones from v3.36 :wink:

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Any plans on the re-support of pressure sensitive graphics tablets?

I just moved to Paint.net (this version, incidentally) and I love the looks and how cleanly it works on Windows 7 64-bit, but I'm slightly dismayed there isn't any pressure sensitivity. I understand that its buggy, and I hope support comes back for it soon :)

Keep up the good work, Rick - and thank you very much for this wonderful program.

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e: Noticed the Utilities menu in the Help docs isn't in the sidebar (where I'm guessing it belongs above "Window"), not sure if that's indended or not

Good catch, fixed.

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