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  1. Yeah I forgot about the low quality that a gif has.
  2. Amazing job! Just need to make it a bit smoother, if you have time. I will eventually. I think it might be a bit :AntiAliasingOff:, but that could just be me.
  3. I would, but I am busy.
  4. The shift of -1 doesn't do much is the point. Repeat the effect like 10 times. If you do a -10 shift, you won't get a smooth look, it will only me like Bam, Bam. Not a smooth glide.
  5. I ran the alpha displacement plugin on the galaxy without providing a mask. Doing that can make stuff look 3D. After running the plugin at -1 pixel shift on the y-axis, it looked too aliased :AntiAliasingOff:. I decided to run a little bit of a surface blur on it.
  6. Hey, you seem to be an expert at these tuts.
  7. I knew plural was nebulae! I noticed that in your tut.
  8. No prob. Sorry if I seemed harsh, I can be that way sometimes, don't take it personally. Once again, I love your tuts. So far we have an excellent sun tut and galaxy tut. All we need is a nebula (plural being nebulae) tutorial. One that goes in depth!
  9. Jerry, I might have to add this to my sig like I did your galaxy, but I might not. You know, because of night and all. As an astronomer I must correct you on one thing. There is no such thing as a blue dwarf, there is a blue giant, a red giant, a white dwarf, a brown dwarf, a red dwarf, a red supergiant, a blue supergiant, and maybe even a black dwarf. Sorry, it is an OCD thing I loved the tut, and it reminded me of one of the planet tutorials.
  10. I have to add that this is aa great use of the sine waves pulgin! The only problem that I have with this is that the noise effect got stretched out due to the twirl. I would have made a separate layer for noise or add the noise after the twirl.
  11. Thank you so much! I have been looking for a galaxy tutorial to add to my sig and desktop background. I will try it out soon. Also, you might want to scale down your screenshots, they are too big.
  12. As an astronomer, I love your starscapes. I have attempted to make my own, but yours is so much better than mine. Here is my try at this. http://fc03.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2009/ ... camp14.jpg
  13. If you want to flip a layer press Ctrl+Shift+Z. It is under layer -> rotate/zoom. You can adjust the angle to 180.
  14. Great tutorial! I was going to do one just like this, but it looks like you beat me to it!
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