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    cubing, twisty puzzles, Paint.NET, legos, Simcity 4, civ, terminator, etc.

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  1. I think I might just start using PDN again because of this update.
  2. Same here. Always gets me into a cubing mood (10.92 PB now btw ).
  3. Thanks Yusuf Zah, this makes me want to write tuts again .
  4. So what is the deal with PDN4 ETA wise? 2013 maybe?
  5. Got to round 63 in Kino Der Toten zombies a few days ago.
  6. I'm curious as to which version you guys think is better, this next more shadowed version or my last post:
  7. If Rick had such a plan, I'd support PDN being closed-source.
  8. I'm not dead...not yet.

  9. A quick question on 4.0 Rick, can you select more than one layer at once?
  10. Looks awesome, but I think it'd be better if the text was all in front. Then again that's just my opinion.
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