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  1. You would need to select the "front" of the cup and cut it out of the layer. Paste it in the exact same place on a layer above the baby. The order should be as follows: front of the cup, baby, rest of the cup.
  2. Are you talking about a tool like the Live Paint tool in Adobe Illustrator?
  3. Granted, this recent addition is not related to astronomy at all, but I think that it is pretty cool. If you want to find me on facebook for whatever reason, check under Matt Camp and this is my profile picture.
  4. Maybe you need to install additional fonts on your laptop. You can check your fonts under Control Panel and then Fonts. You can download fonts off of many websites, and they usually have instructions somewhere on that website or wikipedia / google. Hope you figure it out.
  5. @Schism: That is one amazing use of this effect!
  6. Oh yeah, I saw that. I hate to advice the use of this effect, but the polar inversion effect might do something to make the nebula look more nebula like, as in that around a star.
  7. There was no need for you to post this. Hey I don't mind haha! Anyway, the gaussian blur of an outline around the picture is the easiest way, but it is still not easy.
  8. There is no one too for that. You could use the rectangle tool to make the rectangle and then use the ellipse tool to make the rounded roof shape. Simply erase the unwanted lines left over.
  9. Yeah I forgot about the low quality that a gif has.
  10. Ok good to know By the way, how is that nebula tutorial coming?
  11. Really, I didn't have to do that with 3.5.1
  12. Wait, what? I don't think I understand, or it could be because it is late. My problem is this: Layer 1 ---Blending Mode: Darken Layer 2 ---Blending Mode: Normal When I merge down the two layers it acts like this: Layer 1 ---Blending Mode: Normal Layer 2 ---Blending Mode: Normal The top layer totally overwrites the bottom layer, no matter what.
  13. Amazing job! Just need to make it a bit smoother, if you have time. I will eventually. I think it might be a bit :AntiAliasingOff:, but that could just be me.
  14. http://paintdotnet.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=33260
  15. When I choose a blending mode such as darken, it looks like I expected it would. Once I merge the two layers, the blending mode seems to be ineffective. This is not just with darken, it is with additive, multiple, etc.
  16. I love the last one. The asteroid is amazing! Great job dude!
  17. I would, but I am busy.
  18. Yeah, I have not done space stuff in a while. I am planning one right now from scratch. Most of the others are from tutorials that I expanded off of. The next one will be all me. Thanks about the sig, that is one I did from scratch. I made a full version of it to fit my desktop and I cropped it down to a sig size.
  19. I hate to nit pick, but I am an astronomer, haha. If the sun is behind you, then you would see the planet earth and the moon lit just like they are. But, and there must be a but with me , the moon's texture is facing the wrong way. You would see the maria face the earth. The maria are the dark lava flows.
  20. So...How much would the chip be worth? A free download of PDN, which is free anyway?
  21. Both PDN and Visual Studio 2008 use the .NET Framework. You might need to reinstall the .NET Framework, especially the newest version.
  22. Try dents. However, this is not the place for questions, that would be under the a different topic. Note the orange box at the top.
  23. The shift of -1 doesn't do much is the point. Repeat the effect like 10 times. If you do a -10 shift, you won't get a smooth look, it will only me like Bam, Bam. Not a smooth glide.
  24. I will keep my eye out for plugins. I check about once a week on the plugin section anyway.
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