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  1. If you create an account at Crowdin, you could continue the translation there.
  2. Irfanview is the king of batch operations for images imo. Find the right settings for all 36 changes, save them as presets and run them on all the images.
  3. Pinta uses some color math and effects code from Paint.NET 3.36. It's OK.
  4. If you press Alt, you can access more keyboard shortcuts. For example there I pressed Alt+I open Image and from there you can do Flip Horizontal by pressing H. The underlined letter in each action is what you want.
  5. toe_head2001 has made templates which are available on the marketplace.
  6. If you check status bar, bottom right, there's a selector for the ruler units. Change it to inches.
  7. You can use paintdotnet: protocol
  8. You could try the paintdotnet: protocol? I got errors as well... maybe just HTTP paths just can't be used.
  9. Push the mouse button down and press the arrow keys?
  10. You could use Rotate/Zoom (Ctrl+Shift+Z) with less than 1 zoom and tiling.
  11. Repros but this actually happens with every single floating window button that doesn't open a modal window. If you hover over for example a toolbox icon, first press of spacebar selects the tool, second press while still hovering over it tries to invoke Pan tool and crashes.
  12. If you create an account at Crowdin, you can then send your username to Rick for an invitation to the project and update the translation from there.
  13. The Rise of Skywalker was... a fitting ending to the trilogy. Less wow moments, more touching moments compared to the previous parts of the trilogy.
  14. The return is inside the using. Just tinkering around to see if I could get Intellisense happy. Or I just misunderstood the stackoverflow search results about combining return&using. If so, just ignore my ramblings. I just dabble with C#.
  15. While checking null's filetype on github, I noticed FileTypeOptions and when updating ORA plugin, VS 2019's Intellisense complained at creating the Document type about recommended dispose pattern to make sure it's disposed on all paths. So I tried putting the whole thing inside using after a bit of googling and now when I try to open a .ora, paint.net crashes. Removing the using block fixes it back to working order. Don't know if this is something that needs to fixed at all? Or just ignore Intellisense?
  16. You can also do it like this. Ctrl+C the layer you want to reduce, Ctrl+Alt+V to paste the layer to a new image, Resize that new image to 87%, Ctrl+C this new shrunken image and finally go back to the original image Ctrl+Shift+V to paste it as a new layer and then you can just hide the original size layer.
  17. Use Ctrl+Shift+V to paste to a new layer. That way the white stays on its own layer and the new stuff is over it.
  18. Ctrl+Alt+Shift+C to Copy the Selection itself, Delete, Switch Layer, Ctrl+Alt+Shift+V to Paste the Selection itself, repeat ad nauseam. You can even paste the Selection as JSON in any text editor. Example: { "polygonList": [ "561,243,379,243,379,395,561,395", "697,178,648,178,648,252,697,252", "264,108,103,108,103,220,264,220" ] }
  19. This might be related to a previous topic, small possibility? If it isn't too difficult, you could contribute a recording to see if there's a clear culprit?
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